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What are in those little barrel looking things that St. Bernards carry around their necks?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) March 9th, 2008

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In those old cartoons, it was where the dog kept its martini’s.

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They myth is that the cask held whiskey or brandy for people in cold weather conditions needed to be rescued, but I believe it’s water, to help with dehydration. Just a guess though!

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bring out the barrel will have a barrel of fun

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The history of the St. Bernard dog would not be complete without
reference being made to the noble work that he has done in
Switzerland, his native land: how the Hospice St. Bernard kept a
considerable number of dogs which were trained to go over the
mountains with small barrels round their necks, containing
restoratives, in the event of their coming across any poor travellers
who had either lost their way, or had been overcome by the cold. We
have been told that the intelligent animals saved many lives in this
way, the subjects of their deliverance often being found entirely
buried in the snow.

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I always thought it was a condom in case he met a female dog! :) :D

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jk i agree with valhalla

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I always believed it was Whisky…..I want to believe it is Whisky….
I’m ready for one now…Bartender…
This brings up a useful point, when traveling where there might not be rescue dogs with kegs of “hooch” strapped around their neck….
Carry a hip flask….

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“restoritives” sounds like whisky to me. It can’t be water because it would freeze. If I ever need one, I hope he’s bringing whisky, a turkey sandwich, and a GPS beacon.

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Ha ha!! Well whisky would definitely restore you if you were freezing to death!! I also heard that there were first aid items in there.. bandages, etc. maybe the cask has two compartments? One for some type of alcohol, and one for first aide stuff?

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