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What does digital intimacy mean to you and how is social media changing this ?

Asked by athakur (9points) April 6th, 2010

I am working on a media project that revolves understanding issues of intimacy and identity around digital media, and would love some feedback.

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First off, can you define ‘digital intimacy’?

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Are fingers involved?

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I’m going to assume you mean social media as in Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Please, correct me if I’m wrong. And for intimacy, does that mean sexting and the level of intimacy people get in chat rooms? Just clarifying. :)

I guess it’s allowed people to be more apt to share information with people as there is less of a chance of embarrassment or judging. If you want a really good example, there’s a documentary called Talhotblond.
It’s a great example about how intimate people get when they don’t really know who they’re talking to. It’s about a love triangle between three people over a poker game chat room. One ends up being murdered by another one. They have the texts from the chats. Definately see it. Sounds like a really interesting project. Good luck.

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A great question on fluther and it is nigh overlooked.


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Digital intimacy will be and is the downfall of our society.

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Intimacy doesn’t really mean sexting in this context. Its more relative to relationships you build through social media, privacy concerns you may have and if you feel in some way its more meaningful then relationships you have in real life. It could also mean your intimacy with the digital media itself, how much of yourself do you choose to share when you create your digital identity.

Digital Intimacy:

Intimacy in the digital realm is by nature a paradox. On the one hand, people use media to explore and gain intimacy (chat-rooms, second-life, facebook, we feel fine, skype) but on the other, media, by definition, is an indirect relationship between people. How are you bridging this gap? In what ways are people using media to gain intimacy with others?

Thank you for helping me out !

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