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mac or windows?

Asked by allen_o (1485points) March 9th, 2008 from iPhone

everything considered, which do you prefer?

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Windows Vista – although I use that at home for personal use. I hear that the way to go for business purposes is mac. I am down with either one!

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mac of course. You have an iPhone you should know.

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…You know what they say: “Once you’ve had a Mac, you never go back.”

Sorry no offense intended with the slightly off-color reference-I thought the pun would make up for it.

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if it aint MAC its WACK!

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Well, primarily mac but I do have a Dell I fire up every so often that’s running Vista. Vista, in my opinion isn’t a terrible as it’s been made out to be but when I return to my Mac it’s like sliding a warm knife through butter.

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MAC kicks ass!!!!! :) :D

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Once you go Mac you don’t go back!

I have a PC on the side just to test what my designs and sites look like in Crapxplorer. And to play pc games.

My macs are old (powermac and PowerBook) so dual boot isn’t an option. Soon I will upgrade though… Soon…

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VISTA isnt bad though

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I’m running Vista, and xp on the primary partition. From a technoliterati point of view, it took many backward steps. I am running Vista Ultimate, and I can’t and don’t want to imagine how awful home edition is.

The incessant nagging, inability to change certain permissions, lack of compatibility with so much software… It is better to slap sp3 on XP and use that instead.

If you HAVE to use a PC, that is.

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vista will soon transform all computers into craZy killer robots, mac will make peace around the world

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I have both, I like windows because I’ve been using it for years, but I got a MacBook air the other day and I love it, but it takes a bit of getting used to

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Mac at home Windoze at work… ever since there have been Macs and PCs. I’d go all Mac if I could.

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