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Why is someone being a point Nazi? Has anyone else noticed this?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3707points) March 9th, 2008

In this question I awarded busterhymen and Valhalla30 a point, but it only gave Vallhalla30 points. I have also noticed my score is staying the same after certain people give me a point. I have also noticed several users scores skyrocket almost overnight.

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This happened to sheriff as well, I think it fixes after a while… His post was “why aren’t my points going up” or something like that.

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ive noticed it. i think there is a pac-man like entity thats chomping around gobbling up our points like cherries and bananas

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What are the points for anyway? Do we get a prize for them or something? Or is it a populairty contest? The only thing I have noticed about points is that when you have lower points, as I do, it shows that one hasn’t been here for long. Maybe they are used to keep people from giving stupid smart assed answers.

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You must be a pisces.

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Actually, I’m a Taurus. What makes you think this is a pisces related question?

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Pisces tend to believe that others are out to get them.

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warning threadjack: what are sagittarius like? :D

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Well, let me do Taurus first, archetypes include “earth spirit, musician, and the silent one.” Taurus likes serenity and peace, silence and simplicity and can be lulled into an over-reliance on security and comfort.

Saggitarius archetypes include “the gypsy, student, and philosopher.” Each seeks actions that expand awareness through the gathering of unfamiliar experience.” No end point in mind, just endless process. Overoptimism, overextension and plain bad judgement are its shadow.

I should add, though, that everyone has many signs (one for every planet, sun and moon). When someone says “I’m a taurus,” that means their sun sign is Taurus. Sun = identity, Moon = soul urge (more of an inner longing), and rising sign (what was peeking over the horizon the moment you were born) indicates persona, which is basically what others see first in you.

Source: The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

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Haha…that book is expensive ._.

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To address the question more directly, it’s not a 1 “Great Answer!” = 1 point kind of thing. You get points based on a secret sauce of questions asked, questions answered, great answers, comments to/from other users, etc. So, while someone may get bumped a point for a great answer once, it may not happen the next time.

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Are you asking and answering questions just for the points?

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I think the point system is genius. I think it makes users answer and ask questions to the best of their ability for the points. Yea i know it means nothing but i like to think the points are a reflection of how many times i’ve helped other people out. And its just fun to see how high i can make my score go.

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I don’t know. I gave you a Great Question vote and it didn’t register.

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