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Some advice please, should I say something about spelling errors?

Asked by rahm_sahriv (1745points) April 7th, 2010

Here is the thing, my best friend’s boyfriend has his own business. He is on disability SS and he runs his own electronics repair business on the side. I have seen the ads he puts out, mostly via websites and they are HORRENDOUS. The spelling is so unprofessional that I wouldn’t give him a piece of electronics or my computer to fix. Just to give you an example: techs is spelled as tecs, entail is spelled as intaile, and in a recent ad where he was looking for some employees, benefits were spelled as bennfets. This goes beyond simple typos and rushing. I don’t claim to be above misspelling things, but this is ridiculous.

Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem pointing this out, but I do care about him and her. How do I bring this up nicely? How do I tell, if not him, than my best friend, how unprofessional this is making his business look?

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Yes, but subtly. Suggest that the problems are typos, not lack of erudition and offer to edit for him. (If he is on disability and looking to employ people – he might be given the opportunity to improve his literacy skill in prison.) Here receiving social security while earning an income is considered deliberate fraud and treated accordingly.

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well, it depends on the person i think. some people get real annoyed when you point out bad spelling or bad grammar. personally, even though i was born in the UK, i actually learned to read and write 3 other languages before getting round to english, so i know my spelling is bad and most of the time appreciate it when someone corrects me.

if i had bad spelling or bad grammar on something related to my business i would want someone to tell me about it immediately, less it affect my sales or reputation.

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Like the old saying goes: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. this saying fits your question to a T. i am like you, i would be cautious in letting this person repair anything of mine. but, how can you grafefully get the point over, concerning his spelling? go to WalMart and purchase the cheapest dictionary. leave the dictionary in a conspicious location where you know it will be found. you are giving a graceful hint and its anonymous. you are not out of much money and hopefully the message will hit home to them. remember, you are doing this for benefit and hopefully bringing in a lot more customers. you are a good person for wanting to help him.

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Are you in any kind of a position that you could offer to proofread things for them? Just to offer your services maybe? This definitely leaves a bad impression. Yikes!

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I tend to agree with DarkScribe…it took me a second, but his last statement does make a good point. I also agree that you only have one chance to make a first impression.

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@DarkScribe Here you are allowed to earn so much on SSI and SSDI, not sure about their finances though and I would think that if one was making enough money to hire folks, then they would be out of the bracket for eligibility, but I am not sure.

Subtlety is not my strong suit.

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No question about it @rahm_sahriv, correct his spelling. You’ll be doing him a favor!

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@poisonedantidote I would think he would want to know, and to be honest, even though he isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, I would have expected my friend who is quite a bit sharper to notice and say something.

I, too, would want to know if I was making errors that might affect my business.

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@john65pennington Good idea :) How difficult is it to look up a word? There are times I want to smack him over the head. There is always for free, which I make frequent use of when I have a question.

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@jbfletcherfan That is an idea. I could offer to edit and proofread for him. I just am afraid of coming off wrong, you know what I mean?

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Yes ,but be kind. no need to hurt anyones feelings.

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I say, send him a link to this question.

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Since you want to do something about it,I would just tell him that you’ve noticed some typos and offer to help.He will either accept it or tell you to get lost.It isn’t good form to correct people
I personally wouldn’t say anything unless he asked.

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After all no one is perfect. Unless you’re a walking dictionary.

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@rahm_sahriv I agree, this will take some tact, but he may appreciate the offer, you never know. I’d give it a try.

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Yes, I would say something.

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If he wants his business to look professional then yes.Makes good business sense if nothing else.Those who feel the need to pontificate over spelling errors that may occur on here however,not so good.Does’nt stop some high brow types though.But that’s another story.

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Why not volunteer your efforts to proofread his advertisements?

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You could say, “I’ve noticed a few typos in your advertising and I know how easy it is to make mistakes. Another pair of eyes is always useful; would you like me to proofread things before they go out?”

(I just corrected this three times; could use another pair of eyes myself!)

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Thanks for the advice all. Some folks have mentioned ignoring spelling errors as they may be typos. Typos I could understand, as I stated in my question, I am not above the occasional spelling error and when typing sometimes my head goes faster than my fingers, that is understandable and have taken that into consideration, but it isn’t the case of simple typos or the occasional spelling error. I do say this, at least he is consistent in the words he misspells. It just seems so unprofessional though and even though knowing him would preclude me from taking any electronics I have to him, his spelling would certainly send me running in another direction.

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If it were me, I would want my friends to point out all of my mistakes, misspellings or mishaps – chances are I’d submit my work/business ads, etc. to them beforehand in the first place.

I know that’s just me – but with that said, I dont see why you should not say anything.

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