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How was this image created?

Asked by Tintels (123points) April 7th, 2010

I would like to have a picture of myself like the one of this blogger:

I suspect it needs human work on a picture. Or is it some really advanced image filter? In both cases I would like to know how/where to get it.

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Cartoon Me will convert your photograph into a cartoon graphic

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I jhave not tried these, but FWIW

12 Sites To Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself

Portrait Illustration Maker

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Or you can try it yourself using a combination of the posterization and cutout filters in Photoshop on a picture of yourself. Work much larger than your final output.

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^ Yep, I’ve used the built in tools in Photoshop and GIMP to do the same thing. It is as easy as clicking on a button and adjusting some settings.

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Cartoon Me works.

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That is the pencil work

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