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How much money can you make with making videos on youtube when you are partnering?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) April 7th, 2010

I’m thinking about it

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It doesn’t matter who you partner with but how good your videos are, for example: Machinama (youtube person) is very famous. He creates and videos and there so good he gets sponsors…. You may not get paid making youtube videos… not everyone does.

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Since youtube is free to view, I’d say somewhere between 0 and not much.

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Some of them supposedly make $60k a year. Of all posters, this is probably a fraction of 1%

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My boyfriend is actually a youtube partner and he has been for about 6 months. He has only made $113. It all depends on what adds get put onto to your videos and it is all about views. Views are what keep my boyfriend up every single night just trying to find that one video that will launch him as the next big youtuber. Also he is up every single night sending messages to everyone trying to get them to see his videos. It’s harder to make money on youtube then the big shots (ie sxephil and others like him) make it seem.

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You get a nice reversible Tshirt,,,On one side “I Make Youtube Videos & All I Got For’em Was This Lousy T-shirt,,,for formal occasions on the reverse side : “Licensed Bikini Inspector”

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LOL so its a no no?

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