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Carribean vacation destinations better than Cancun?

Asked by MarcoNJ (946points) April 7th, 2010

In terms of overall beauty, fun and vibrant nightlife?

Cancun was my first and it was great, and other recommendations?

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Grand Cayman Island.

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Nightlife isn’t one of my requisites, but the British Virgin Islands are the most beautiful to me as far as an island/tropical atmosphere. There may be more commercialization now; it’s been years since I was there.

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@MarcoNJ I’m with @marinelife great island lots to do, not very big for land size by all kinds of things to do on Seven Mile Beach.

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Cozumel. It’s very close to Cancun, but on an island, so the overall vibe is a little different (a little less party central, and a bit more seclusion and natural beauty). If you’re in to scuba diving/snorkeling, some of the reefs off of the coast of Cozumel are absolutely amazing.

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In terms of safety I would avoid cancun, there have been many robberies and murders concerning tourists as of late.

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Jamaica! Go to the South Shore, away from all the rip-off American tourist spots. Treasure Beach used to be so excellent! Stay away from Kingston and large cities.

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my mom loved tortola. i hear aruba is great, also.

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Thank you all four your responses. I will most definitely look into those.

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