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Are there Questions You Don't Want to Hear the Answer To?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) April 7th, 2010

I was going to ask something along the lines of, “Have You Ever Had to Yell ‘Help’ in Public,” and why. Then I got to thinking those must be some dire situations. Situations best left out of a public discourse. So, “Are there Questions You Don’t Want to Hear the Answer To?”, and maybe you want to share what they are.

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How and when I am going to die.

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Do I look good in this?

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Does this taste spoiled? Here, try it.

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To my husband: “Did you remember to (insert something of earth-shattering personal importance here)?”

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Did you know that you were at high risk for…. (insert some diagnoses) ?

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Has anyone seen my science experiment? I left it in the fridge overnight.

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“Do you know how fast you were going?” asked the officer.

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What did you do?

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Here is a nice compilation.

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Yeah, I really don’t want to hear the answer to, “What’s the rottenest thing you ever did, ETpro?” If anybody knows, keep it to yourself or I’ll sue.

And on advice of my attorney, I hereby assert my fifth Amendment right to respectfully refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it might tend to incriminate me. :-)

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Are they really making more “thiwlight” movies?
Do people really take Sarah Palin seriously or think she’s not an Idiot?
Why on earth do people listen to Glenn Beck?
What the hell is that mole?

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Anything regarding how much I don’t remember from school.

@davidbetterman I did the spoiled food thing once. Got halfway through a rancid bun before deciding that I didn’t like the flavor and threw it out.

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“What’s the worst thing I’ve ever unknowingly eaten?”

“How many times did my exes really fake an orgasm?”

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Not on this site. There are questions I would like to ask in my personal life sometimes which I am afraid about what the answer will be.

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What does my or anybody else’s for that matter Grandma look like naked, with her legs spread, beckoning you with her tongue gently licking her lips? Yeah i’ll pass thanks.

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‘What are you not saying’ accompanied by a look of disgust/ horror/ hate etc

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@ucme Uhm yep. I think you win. Thanks for the visuals, nightmares and next 20 years
of psychiatric visits.

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@Sariperana Dear old Granny.She’s a dark horse.The quiet ones are the worst.

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“What do you get when you multiply six times nine?”

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@Nullo If you do it in base 13, you get the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything (in base 13, of course.

6 13 × 9 13 = 42 13

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@ETpro So Arthur Dent had it right, huh?

Excuse me, I’ve got some calls to make.

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@Nullo… Just keep Zephod away from the thread… We don’t want any trouble.

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