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Does it ever bug you when other people are awake when you are?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) April 7th, 2010

Over the years, I’ve developed the habit of staying up late to work, surf the web, play games, etc., partly because I wouldn’t be disturbed, partly because I don’t sleep well. I got a lot more free time once I graduated, but I still enjoy and maintain the habit.
Recently my dad’s been having bouts of insomnia, so now we’re both up at uncivilized hours. The more rational part of me takes no issue with his wakefulness, and even sympathizes some. But the unkinder portions get irritated that I’m not the only one awake.

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I can understand the loss of “quiet” time but it is something that you can’t really prevent- others awakening. I spend a lot of time working in the early hours of the morning – I am more productive then, and the complete absence of other people is a big attraction for working at those times. On the few occasions when I get interrupted I do find it irritating – unless I simply stop what I am doing and become social.

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Absolutely. I SO value my private time, or “quiet” time as @DarkScribe so aptly put in quotes. Before my marriage ended, I used to value that time when the wife went to bed…just like 30 more minutes, because I had NO time in the house to myself after getting home from work (with getting kids to bed, dinner, etc.) prior to that. I needed it for my sanity, needed it to help unwind from the day. Now, I don’t have a wife, but still have the kids…and I still love that time right after they go to bed. I completely get it.

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I get it, Nullo. When my kids were at home I loved the late hours after they went to bed. Maybe you could feed Dad more carbs to help him sleep.

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YES I understand. To me silence is golden…therefore when I am the only one awake, I am at my most comfortable. If one of my housemates is up doing an assignment and I can hear their key board going “click, click, tapity tap tap” I get really pissed off. I have no right to be, but I do. THIS IS MY TIME GODDAMMT.

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Not too much. I sometimes wish I could have the time I am used to, but I don’t obsess about it.

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I feel ya, tho i’ve been having 3 hr. naps everyday this week.

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It’s loud at my house in the evening when everyone’s home and I really like it when everyone’s asleep. It’s jarring when someone comes into my room really late at night or early morning.

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Yea, I am someone who has a certain need for routine, and to know when I am doing what. When someone is up later than I expect them to, it throws me off and I don’t know why. I plan to have the time by myself, and I get a bit insane when I don’t have my time by myself.

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Oh god yes. I’ve been an insomniac all my life, & frankly, I think of the night time as being my domain. About 5yrs ago my then girlfriend started getting in the habit of staying up late to watch DVD’s with me…... it drove me mad!!! I ended up telling her she had to go to bed. I dont think that was the start of the end, but who knows.

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Yes, sometimes I feel the same, but I’m more of a morning person.

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I’m always awake when others aren’t! I work the night shift. So yeah, it annoys me when my “alone time” is interrupted. Like… really annoys me.

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I find it reassuring to know someone else is awake in the early hours.
Don’t mind the noise, it is comforting.

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I don’t mind it when other people are awake, but I have to be the last one to bed. It drives me potty if my husband stays awake longer than me. I am dreadfully neurotic and competitive.

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Funny you should ask…I have been so used to having the late night all to myself after 10ish and now my teenager is staying up as late as me and I miss my alone time! ;)

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I currently live alone so it’s not a problem. But yes, I do value my alone time.

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No, the more the merrier!

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Absolutely. How do I ever expect to score at night if my wife isn’t asleep?

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I just experienced coping with several different body clocks, rhythems while traveling with friends. Took me a few days to adjust. My roomie pal stayed up half the night on skype etc. chattering away with her boyfriend and family. Drove me nuts! Grrr…. lol

I am so used to my space and doing whatever I want after being single for the last 7 yrs. that I honestly don’t know if I could ever live with someone again.

Yes, silence is golden!

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No, in fact, I feel really lonely and frustrated when I’m the only one awake. Like I’m jealous that everyone else gets to be asleep. This is mostly because I’m up late doing work when I’d rather be in bed. If other people were up and about, I’d feel a little better. Also, this applies to getting up first in the morning when my roommate is still sleeping. I’d rather not be awake.

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It use to bother me. I work from home and I would start my work around 11pm and fall asleep around 8am just so everyone else would be asleep and I could have peace and quiet. I stopped that routine because I felt like I was missing out on most of the day when I would fall asleep at 8am and wake up in the late afternoon. I had to train myself to be comfortable working during the day even with the noise and activity going on around me. It’s nicer and I feel like I’m actually not missing out on the day itself.

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I can’t stand being the only one awake. If I’m home alone, that’s fine. But I absolutely go nuts when the house is deathly quiet because everybody else is asleep.

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It would really bug me in the past but not so much now.
I grew up in a large family and I barely had time alone at home,
so if anyone else was awake with me at that time… sigh.

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