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What's a good idea for a flashmob?

Asked by botheredbewildered (31points) April 8th, 2010

If you could organize a flashmob what would it be about?

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I would say dance! although its no so original. or have a Human LCD effect thing “link“

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The thing would be what dance should you do?
It might be somewhat corny but I haven’t seen a flash mob do the “electric slide” or “The Bartman” (ok…. that last one is the corniest of the two).

Lately people have done Michael Jackson, GaGa, even madonna and such. Try something old and funny. Just stay away from “The Macarena”.

It might depend on where you are and what is and popular there. Whatever is most popular will get you the largest response and get more participants familiar with what you want to do.

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I would call it “Bad Spycraft” and have everyone wear red, and meet at a public location like a train station or park and exchange briefcases very obviously. Not all simultaneously like the Rockettes but the exchanges should happen all within 15 minutes of one another [the smaller the group the closer the timing]

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Everyone should jingle the change in their pockets.

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A firing squad?

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cannibalistic blood orgy. you all sneak in to a place over time with your shirts packed with pigs intestines, bits of liver and assorted meats, and at a specific time you start to ’‘eat each other alive’’ for everyone to see.

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Cleaning up after yourselves is a brillaint idea. Be respectful of te neighbors in the area.

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Make a rainbow. Organize participants to fully dress in 1-color, each participant to declare their color on the flashmob website, and keep track of the proportions, requesting needed colors-
All meet and line up in a slight curve red to violet for 5 minutes

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Cleaning up the trash that gets dumped alongside Shelley Ave. in Windsor would be nice. I’ll bring trash bags and iced tea.

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I love improv everywhere stuff

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Marcel Marceau’s Softball League. Set up to play softball in one of the park areas traditionally used for that. Bring everything but a ball. Or only bring brightly colored bases and fake the bats and gloves too Break up into two teams and start playing a game [no talking]. Latecomers become onlookers who cheer [soundlessly] or become replacement players. Play one game or until you all get bored.

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Everybody bring a small, pretty smooth stone to an outdoor site. Start stacking/laying them in any pattern that evolves. At a certain time everybody take one stone away.

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I once heard about a flash mob where everyone met up on the high street in worcester, sat down on the floor and ate a banana. I never went though as I had school but it would have been good to see.

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