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I need a geeky purse. Ideas?

Asked by dee1313 (948points) April 8th, 2010

I used to use the floppy disk purse, but I’m looking for something new. Anyone have any ideas? (Also, I’m a gamer, so anything techy / relating to games might work.)

I have tried searching Google products for “geek purse” and come up with very few results.

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You could make an extremely large wallet out of an old laptop…lol
Then you would have to find jeans with enormous pockets ;)

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I don’t know about you, but I want this one.

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I don’t know if this qualifies for you but now that I’ve seen it, even considering the inevitable pain and suffering I’ll face, I’m seriously thinking of getting it for my wife.

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Tampon case.

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You could always make one out of duct tape.

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Few things are as nerdy as fanny packs.

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Here are some ideas.

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Make one that’s shaped like a jellyfish with glasses.

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Check out They have a search group called geekery…
check out craftierobot…
There is always room for Pi
Bright and shiny….
Beam me up one of these….

These are just a few from the search I did quickly on…. Buy handmade. If you can… buy handmade from recycled products. It’s good for you, good for the maker, and good for the environment.

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make one out of a box of cereal

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Have pockets and zippers added to your favorite geeky tradeshow canvas carryalls [sun is very discreet, alcatel very well-designed, etc]

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I am so glad you asked this question! These bag suggestions are oh so cute, especially the Pikachu one. I never understood the attraction of the boring designer ones—these are just too lovable! ^_^

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