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Is there still the possibilty of being pregnant?

Asked by KurlZ (91points) April 8th, 2010

Okay so I have a very scared best friend who believes that she might be pregnant but she got her period 4 days after having sex so I told her shes’s fine and there’s no way she could be pregnant. Am I right?

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Wait, what? She got her period but is still scared that she’s pregnant? Why?

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No she is not pregnant because she got her period… Duh.

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@deni Idk I keep telling her not to worry about it that she not but she’s still scared about it

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@smokeweedeveryday I know!!! Thats what I told her.

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Then if she really won’t believe it tell her to take a pregnancy test, or two, or three. That should do it.

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Easiest and less painful way of solving this is to buy a pregancy test! It is unlikley she is pregnant if she has has a period, but it has been known for women to have a period right the way through a preganancy

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Depends, was it a regular period? Or was her cycle very light and abnormal?

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I hope she learns her lesson about engaging in unprotected sex. . .

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@rahm_sahriv I’m not sure I didn’t think to ask

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I’m just going to tell her to take a pregnancy test. I’m pretty sure she’ll feel much better when she sees that she’s not and that she doesn’t need to worry anymore.

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My cousin has four children and continued to have her period during all of her pregnancies. So I would say anything is posible, just unlikely.

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Do you know if she had a full period or did she just bleed for a day or two? As @rahm_sahriv if it wasn’t a regular period she could still be pregnant. It could be something called implantation bleeding. She should take a pregnancy test to be sure.

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just remember if she’s pregnant but takes the test before her body produces the hormones she’ll test negative

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@SuperMouse- I know for a fact that with her first child she had her period throughout the pregnancy. I’m unsure about the duration during the other three.

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Yes. Get a pregnancy test to be sure. If she started her period just a few days later, then fertility was ripe, I believe, according to the rhythm method of avoiding pregnancy. Get a test, and depending on the results, your friend might need to invest in some condoms. Or baby diapers.

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Yes! Have her go to a clinic for a pregnancy test and find out for sure. My mother was near 6 months pregnant with me and still having “periods”, her body finally began to show and that’s how she found out.

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It is scary to think that young women and men believe just because a woman has a period means she isn’t pregnant. It simply means she might not be pregnant, and that it is probably unlikely she is pregnant, but it isn’t a definite ‘no’ like I am getting the sense young people think it is. Do they not care to learn about their own bodies and how they work?

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Of course anything’s possible, but as a strict follower of the “rhythm method” for the past 20 months (before anyone says anything, I’m married, I hate what hormonal birth control does to me, and I wouldn’t be devastated if I fell pregnant), 98% of conceptions occur between days 8 and 19 of the cycle. If she had a normal 28 day cycle, day 24 would have been in the 2% margin, but about 5 days past what I would call “safe zone”.

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Buy a pregnancy test kit and see.

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It is completely possible to have spotting and perceive it as a light period while pregnant.

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Maybe she had a miscarriage…

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Could be? Yes, pregnancy is always possible when having unprotected sex. Have her see her doctor immediately.

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It is possibe. I had a sister in law that had periods for the first few months of her pregnancy. Best to buy a test. It is quick and painless and she will lift alot of worrying off of her.

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Do an early response pregnancy test. They are super-sensitive. Something like EPT.

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