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My cd/dvd player won't open. HELP!

Asked by GrizzlyBear53 (4points) April 8th, 2010

My cd/dvd player won’t open. It happened before, and I was able to fix it…I need help fixing it again, please! ;- )

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See if there’s a pinhole near the dvd tray. If so, straighten a paper clip and slowly insert the end of the paper clip into the hole. This will force the tray open.

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Is this on a computer or an Audio/Video component?

If on a computer, check to make sure that the cables connecting the the CD/DVD drive to the motherboard and the power-supply are secure.

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This happened to my DVD player and it never opened again. But I’m sure there’s a million different things that can go wrong with those things.

PS my dog back at homes name is Grizzly Bear. Your name reminded me of him and made me happy :’)

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The ol’ paperclip trick described in the first answer is surefire. It doesn’t necessarily solve the underlying problem but gets it open. I always keep a bent paperclip handy and recognize geeks by the sight of a bent paperclip near their computer.

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Thanks, @SABOTEUR, @njnyjobs and @anartist (I started following the Q because I have the same problem with an old 5-disc AV system CD player). I’ll have to look for the hole on the tray if there is one.

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BEAT IT! That’s what I normally do, not that it is the most effective approach. :)

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I’m shocked!

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