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How can a woman be the prettiest SHE can possibly be?

Asked by freckles (363points) April 8th, 2010

I.E. Like a total everything makeover to be the absolute best looking possible for her.

Like, lose any extra weight, tone up by working out, get a nice wardrobe. . . . . .

Help me out here.

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Feel confident, stand tall, smile at the world, appreciate the good things, minimize the bad ones. The rest is window dressing.

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According to who? You do know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? But if you want a dumb answer: Waste a bunch of time and money researching on what do to and what to wear. It’s pretty easy, I use this search engine called ‘google’.

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Sleep well, eat right, exercise.

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Self confidence, take care of your skin, eat well, get enough sleep, take care of your body, laugh a lot, open yourself up to love and love others in return.

No drama, let go of bullshit.

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All women are pretty, sure there are those who are prettier than others but it’s all relative.Happiness & contentment make you glow,that & good living.I love women, well most.

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Be yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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All the physical stuff helps, but nothing beats being yourself and being happy and confident with who you are.

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Be confident, happy and engaging.

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There’s a great book called ‘YOU Being Beautiful’ and it really covers all the bases in detail, for both inner and outer beauty.

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Really, I think this all depends on sense of style and presentation. How a person carries themselves, how they present themselves and in what style format really makes all the difference, in my opinion. I’ve seen beautiful people look so ugly after opening their mouth or doing something so stupid.

Physical looks are really secondary to that, in my opinion. Consider some of the top “beautiful” movie stars or music entertainers. Would they be as beautiful as they are without their sense of style?

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Be kind to people and have something interesting to say.
That makes anyone seem beautiful.

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Being in great physical shape is one way for a woman to add beauty to herself but another good way for her to be beautiful is if her actions are beautiful, meaning her level of respect for others around her. :)

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OK, here are some other more down to earth suggestions:

1. Wear very little makeup. Women in lots of makeup look good at a distance, within a few feet they look like some kind of sci fi monster from the toxic dump.

1a. Don’t wear lipstick that is lighter than your skin color.

2. Do not bleach your hair, but if you do, bleach all of it. Artificial bleach blonde hair seems very popular these days, but man is it ugly. And what’s with the apparently intentional several inches of black near the head?

3. Don’t wear huge 70s style sunglasses.

4. Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise, but be sure to eat. No one wants a woman who looks like she might die of starvation at any moment.

5. Wear reasonable clothing. I’m not saying a skirt can’t be short or a blouse can’t be tight or low cut, but use some judgment. No one wants to see ass cheeks, for example.

6. In short, do the opposite of anything Paris Hilton does.

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And a push-up bra.

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Why is “she” capitalized? All caps, I mean.

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Conform to societal standards of beauty.

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It’s hard to give specifics to a question like this, @freckles, without knowing what a woman looks like now. I think that aside from inner beauty that comes out, looking as good as you can is about finding the most flattering haircut, colors makeup, clothing style and proportions, etc for you.

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Find a guy who really, really loves you. See the world through his eyes.

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Gailcalled is right. DarkScribe has a bonus good idea. absalom is talking backwards. Beauty comes from who you are being, from your freedom to be yourself (and not be oppressed by ideas such as our fashion/beauty/entertainment industry and social patterns promote).

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I agree. And cleavage helps, too.

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By being healthy. Beauty is 75% mental and physical health , 25% confidence, and 25% genetics.
The sense of style has to fit the individuals preferences as to express their inner-self outwardly. Fashion trends and other “popular” styles mean very little to the truly beautiful. Beauty is knowing exactly who you are, and really loving yourself.
It sounds cliché, but it’s true.

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Be well-groomed, clean, as natural as possible(of course proper use of make up is a must), well-fitted clothes, healthy, shining hair with a simple style that suits you. Above all being yourself, not putting on a fake act. I must not forget to add well-looked after teeth and a sweet smile. After all that a certain amount of confidence(not too much) and we have a gorgeous woman before our eyes!

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She can find someone to love her.

I’ve said this before, but I never get tired of saying it:
I don’t love her because she’s beautiful; she’s beautiful because I love her.

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@CyanoticWasp: To her credit, I bet she is beautiful with or without your love. Your feelings are the lagniappe. (Been waiting for a chance to use that.)

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