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What makes your post get deleted?

Asked by chelle21689 (6995points) April 8th, 2010

I asked a question earlier “Do you believe emotional cheating exists?” I added some detail, and it got deleted..I got some discussion going on too.

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Was it deleted or pulled for modding? Usually, you will get some feedback from the mods and suggestions about how to make it “suitable for Fluther” with a chance to edit it. Some of the reasons might be: poor spelling or grammar, repetitious of similar questions asked recently, or a polling, i.e, yes-no answer, question.

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I’ve read the guidelines but I don’t see what I did to break any rules…

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I see it got removed for being a duplicate question, usually that means it’s pushed back to you for editing (unless the moderator unchecked that option). Be sure to check your editing page (click here). If it’s not in there it’s gone forever, but don’t worry you can still find plenty of similar questions here (they’re all practically identical anyway).

Also when you have questions about moderating it’s best to use the big contact button at the top of the site (or click here) seeing as mods are probably the only ones that can answer your question.

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The man in the mirror.

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OH okay thanks markyy! I saw above that there was a link to edit it. There was a lot of posts from the past about it. Thank you.

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Your welcome. By the way, that’s where you’ll find all your questions that get pushed back to you. You can edit them and send them back to a mod for re-evaluation (of course a mod will have to approve them first, so it might take some time).

Good luck and don’t be afraid to press that contact button!

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