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Women wearing certain clothing at an older eyesore or sexy?

Asked by MarcoNJ (946points) April 8th, 2010

Yes, yes..I know we’re in the modern age and a lot misconceptions about women are out the window and long gone.
I’m all for women dressing however the hell they want until whatever age, so long as they have the body and can still pull it off; look sexy and dignified.

Example; tops that reveal cleavage or super short-shorts.

Will I look? Yup. Still, I can’t help but wonder if some styles should be better left to younger women. Maybe I’m too ‘Old-School’ in my thinking but I’m curious too know how others feel on the subject.

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It depends on their body type. But you can be sexy and still have class at any age.

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I will always give credit to a woman for “thinking that she can” pull it off, whether she actually can or not. And when she can, well… then all I can do is celebrate being a man.

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Mutton dressed as a lamb in most cases!

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Well if granny wore a g string & a peek a boo bra & little else then yeah,i’d avert my gaze.Eventually, down boy down.

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One should dress for their body type as well as their age.

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I think any woman has the right to be sexy… BUT I think the way that sexiness is expressed should progress with the woman’s maturity ;)
not that younger girls don’t look equally as trashy in certain clothes as well lol

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You should see my beautiful first wife before you decide. She’s 56, and she can wear anything she wants.

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@ucme What a visual. lol

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@ MarcoNJ She’d certainly turn heads at the bingo,ooh I say.

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@wtfrickinfrack I agree as far as younger women go. What’s up with all these Muffin Tops’ I see nowadays?

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A woman should dress how she feels comfortable. That being said, I have some personal views on dress and what is dignified and sexy, and believe me it isn’t most of what women wear nowadays. They look like whores. Sexy ones perhaps, but whores nonetheless. What is worse, is going into a store like Old Navy, Kohl’s or even WalMart and looking at the clothing section for girls. Disgusting. Way to teach your kid to be a tramp.

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I agree that a woman can be sexy and attractive in her aging process provided it is done with class.

The difference is when a woman looks like she is trying waaay too hard.

Even with the body, there are some styles that are best left to the younger crowd.

I have a friend that still has a great figure but looks like she is trying waaay too hard to be something she is not, namely young again! lol

I am really pleased with my style, it is pretty, feminine and sexy-ish but not so glaringly pretentious.

For the most part I think women over 40 something should keep their bellies covered and show some class.

Just because you can squeeze into a size zero doesn’t mean you should! lol

I also find it rather offputting to call, even the most attractive older women ‘hot.’

I think ‘beautiful, pretty, lovely, classy,’ is great, but ‘hot’ is a term best left to the 20 somethings for the most part IMO.

I love where I am at in life and do not want to be reduced to cookie cutter status and pop slang.

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@Coloma I think ALL women, no matter their age should keep their bellies covered and have some class.

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So should men, as far as that goes.

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Depends on the woman.

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I think anyone should be able to wear anything they want without others judging them.

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Depends on the woman.

Raquel Welch looks better at 70 than she did at 20. She could wear anything she wanted.

Janet Reno on the other hand…

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@dpworkin I’ve no doubt. Some people age very gracefully.
@Coloma I agree. Hot doesn’t sound too cool when talking about an older woman. Makes her sound like a MILF. Which is a compliment, but not classy I’d say.
@rahm_sahriv Yeah, I sometimes have a hard time shopping for my daughter. Sometimes.

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Well sometimes my mother wears outfits that I find a little age inappropriate and it makes me cringe. However my friends think shes a MILF… I guess it works for her.

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Life’s too short to worry about other people’s shorts!

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I wear what flatters me. I don’t want to be a 50-something trying to look like a 20-something.

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I don’t really care how women dress. When I see an older woman in a shorter skirt, I silently cheer her on for having the chutzpah to pull it off.

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That’s a pretty broad generalization. Depends on the woman. Are we talking
this ? Or a really classy woman who takes care of herself? More power to her if she’s the latter.

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@plethora Damn! I wasn’t even thinking that. Glad I ate dinner already.

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@MarcoNJ Little entertainment for ya….:)

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I just came in from the dreaded tax appt. ( Whew, it’s done for another year! )

Soooo… as a reward to myself had to drop by my fav. boutique where I am officially and affectionetly known as ‘skirt slut.’ lol

Bought an awesome green and beige silk gypsy skirt and some cool earrings…just my style! :-)

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@rahm_sahriv/I think ALL women, no matter their age should keep their bellies covered and have some class.

Why? You are being judgemental. Class has nothing to do with wearing clothes that cover abdomens. If the woman is fit and attractive there is no reason why she shouldn’t wear fashions that are suitable for tropical summers – particularly if she lives where I do. There are lots of women who have taste and style who wear fashions that expose their midriff.

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mutton dressed as lamb. dress age appropriately people

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@trailsillustrated _ mutton dressed as lamb. dress age appropriately people

The only problem with that tired old cliche is that not all older women are mutton, while many younger ones are.

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@darkscribe I have to agree with you there.

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@DarkScribe Very well put, sir. Great answer.

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What @Coloma said. And I agree with trying too hard.

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@faye ummmm…..what does “trying too hard” mean?
@davidbetterman Yessssss

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@plethora Sort of frantically refusing to be 50.

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‘Trying too hard’ means…it’s obvious that the woman is in denial and resisitence of the disparity of how she really appears and how she sees herself.
It looks diminishing and rather pathetic, instead of natural and fitting.

There is something sad about someone who is trying too hard to cling to an image that needs to be revised. Like the pot bellied middle aged guy that is coming on to the 20 somethings girls…jeez dude, get a clue! lol


High 5 sister!

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ok…..“trying too hard” would be open to personal interpretation then? Or perhaps

I think I’ll go with @lonelydragon on this. If she’s got the chutzpah and the style to pull it off, more power to her. Although now that you mention it, I can think of at least one 50something woman who is very attractive, but even I think she’s trying too hard. Who am I to talk about women’s fashions. I’m just a beagle.

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Lol…awww….don’t put yourself down, I don’t think you’re a beagle.
I see you more like a really sharp Cocker Spanial! hahaha

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@Coloma A cocker spaniel??? Is that an upgrade?...:)

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;-) Yes…Beagles are loud and obnoxious, Cocker Spaniels are friendly and well…do you have floppy ears?

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@Coloma blush How did you know?

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I feel sorry for those women, old as dirt and wearing low-rise jeans and midriff tops. It’s sad, desperate to appear youthful. Some might still have to body for it, but it’s the fear you see in their eyes that gives them away. Women who age with grace and dignity look so much sexier.

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@Coloma The beagles of my personal acquaintance are not loud and obnoxious. They are rather wiggly, like big worms, when they are young pups, adorable as well.

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Yes, adorable, and, demanding…aaah, arn’t we all? lol

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I think women should wear what makes them feel great. I see a lot of younger women wearing flesh bearing outfits that are waaay too tight and unflattering. I’m forced to look at these young women trudge by and it’s unappealing to ME as well. Sausage arms with tats…yeeeuck. Honey, that eagle on your lower back HAS LANDED!! LOL! Muffintops..
If you work out, keep yourself in shape and are are aware at what is going on on the uh…backside… you can wear most things, however I would agree that baring a lot of skin after 50 is not so appealing. Show the shape, not the flesh. But it depends on the woman.
For the folks who always associate over 50 with BINGO or a driving Ms Daisy scenario:...LOL, I can’t wait until you reach this age and you realize how silly that comment is. You’ll find out…......tee hee…...We all just want to be free to live our own lives and be judged for what we truly bring to the world, not our stupid AGE and that goes for young as well as mature women.

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