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Does a horror movie exist that under no circumstances you would watch alone & have you ever came close to doing so but had to switch off?

Asked by ucme (46545points) April 8th, 2010

Ever since I was a kid horror movies have scared the bejeezus outta me.Doesn’t stop me coming back for more.As long as it’s well made & genuinely frightening then i’m good to go.On one condition,there are a few that if I watch alone I pretty much know i’m going to wimp out.Is there an example where you feel the same?

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Just about any of them. I have always been afraid of horrow movies and hardly ever – err, never watch them.

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If I am going to wuss out of a movie, I will do it whether or not I am alone.

I am currently wussing out on the latest Saw movie. The first one was disturbingly good and I have heard that the latest is so disturbing that a Saw series fan could not watch all of it.

I also wussed out of watching Hostel.

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I have a severe fear of rats, so pretty much any horror movie that incorporates Rats in the mix is out.

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There are a few that i rather not watch alone. “House” Some more of the Physological horror movies than the gory slasher films.

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My mom has effectively scared me out of seeing “The Exorcist”. Doesn’t mean I will never see it, but the way she described how it traumatized her when she saw it in theaters back in 1973 (she was 15) has completely turned me off of the movie.

I’m not a fan of slasher/gory horror films, so I probably wouldn’t see those but they wouldn’t scare me, they just wouldn’t interest me. I’m more into movies like “The Ring”, “Jacob’s Ladder”, and the original “The Amityville Horror’’ from 1979.

I’m not afraid of horror. I write horror/mystery; that’s my genre of interest. But I have no interest in movies like “Hostel” and for now, “The Exorcist” I am not that interested in seeing either.

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Just about all of them. Not because I am afraid so much as I just hate the genre.

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Basket Case. It sounds so awful that I wouldn’t waste any of my time on it.

On a more serious note, I am happy to watch any scary movie. The scarier, the better. I love psychological horror movies but am starting to hate the ones where stuff jump out because its just so cheap. Also if there is anything with copious amount of gore – I am there.

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But I remember after watching Martyrs I had a hard time traveling from my bedroom to the kitchen without turning on every single light switch I came across. When a movie spooks me like that, I usually get over it rather quickly though. I don’t usually have anyone to watch movies with so I just have to deal.

This part in The Descent made me soil myself.

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There is no such horror movie that exists for me. I watch them all, usually on my own. Generic slashers, paranormal ghost stories, Japanese slasher rape, low budget cannibal shit, the tender underbelly of horror which is anything from the seventies…I watch it all.
See, horror for me is very different than what it is for most people I think…horror is my mind’s snuggly comforter and pillow.

Incidentally, I can’t stand seeing real life murders and the like, like those nasty videos you can get online. I will watch them alone, but I really don’t like it. Visually, I’ve a stomach of iron…it’s the sounds I can’t stand. Hearing a man die for real is not like in a movie.

Some obscure horror seems very realistic when I remember some of that shit from Goregallery or what used to be before it started growing weeds, but I’ll still watch it…so everything else is a piece of cake. I’m totally horror jaded, nothing scares me.

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I can handle all the blood, guts, monsters, aliens, etc., without a problem, but I turn into a giant pansy when ghosts or paranormal stuff is involved. I can’t handle those movies alone or with others.

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@Vunessuh I’d watch them with you, i’d be okay then ;¬} It is totally irrational & I feel dumb after a few minutes,but there you go.Suppose the movie did what it was meant to do.

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@Vunessuh Martyrs is great. Did you check out Frontiers yet?

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I’ve never seen any of the Saw movies, and I would never choose to watch them. Alone or with friends.

I wanted to see the movie called “The Hills Have Eyes”, (in daylight with friends), but never got around to it. I don’t know if that movie was dumb or scary, since I never really paid attention to the reviews.

There are a couple of movies that I’ve seen once that are too freekin scary for me to ever watch again, either by myself or with someone else. They don’t fit the traditional horror genre though. They are:

My Life
I Never Sang For My Father

I’m sure there are more, but my brain went blank. lol


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I pass on gore, and people being murdered in horrible ways. Not my ideal form of entertainment. There’s also been a lot of horror movies I’ve turned off not because they were too horrible, but because they were just rubbish movies.

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@ucme I’d watch them with you too. I’d make you watch Glitter. It’ll scare the poopies outta you.
@Symbeline Not yet. Perhaps tonight. It’s playable on Netflix. :)

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I love horror movies, the more frightening the better, and if it’s enough to keep me awake or give me nightmares even better! Probably the one I watched, most recently, that gave me the creeps was The StrangersPoltergiest still has me creep’d out by clown-dolls.

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@Vunessuh Yeah better acting in Thunderbirds.Although there’d be two points of interest for me i’m sure.I prefer toffee popcorn by the way my treat, nudge up.

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I think the only horror movie I wouldn’t want to watch again is the fourth Nightmare on Elm Street. Especially the part with the pizza with people’s heads as sausages.

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@wonderingwhy Oh, I forgot about The Strangers. I was hyperventilating at this part.

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Oh god I totally forgot about that movie. Haha I totally gotta buy it. (Maybe it comes with a free mask.)

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Showgirls…or the Resident Evil series

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As a youngster maybe. But no, there are none (that I know) that bother me.

It is the real life horror movies that would worry me.
For example, I am told that there is footage available on the net of people being beheaded.
Now that is the kind of “horror” that I don’t want to see.

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“The Crawling Eye” scared the crap out of me. I was much younger then.
Hmm, I wonder if it’s on DVD.

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@MrsDufresne I was surprised when I saw Saw. I was expecting a slasher flick and I thought it was actually a well conceived movie with little violence. I saw it on the SciFi channel (before the name change) and when I watched the uncut version there was little that was edited out of the television version.

@DominicX The Exorcist is a good movie, but it was a great book. I am not an avid reader, but I went through that book cover to cover in a number of days.

I saw the made for TV Salem’s Lot starring David Soul and James Mason when I was about 13. That movie scared the ever lovin’ crap out of me, as did Burnt Offerings, which was Bette Davis’ last movie.

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Now horror movies are the best Drive In date movies. Your date can pretend to be scared and give you a reason to hold her.

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I don’t watch gore so that’s right out. I always get freaked out by Session 9, whether I’m alone or not. Scares the ever-loving crap right outta me.

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Silence of the Lambs gave me nightmares for about a year, but I was about 8 years old when I decided to put it on because the name ‘sounded funny’ :P

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Nah. I may freak myself out later, but I watch them all, and I’m generally alone anyway. You should have asked about gaming. I used to play Resident Evil alone and just opening a new door could Freak me out like you wouldn’t believe. If the phone rang or a random noise happened while I was opening a new door I sometimes screamed!

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I don’t watch many horror movies because I think they’re…..“Silence of the Lambs” was good.
Do movies starring Keanu Reeves count as horror? ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille: Do movies starring Keanu Reeves count as horror? ;)

by default they count as comedies. all of them.

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actually, though they completely changed the original comic book character John Constantine and overall the film dragged, the Keanu Reeves movie Constantine has an jawdropping climactic scene featuring Peter Stormare (an actor about whom I know nothing) the most frightening Satan ever. mediocre film, classic scene.

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Nope. Movies never really scare me. At least not since I became and adult.

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it’s only a movie it’s only a movie it’s



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I haven’t seen one that was scary since The Exorcist in 1973! And when I watched it again a few years ago, it isn’t scary, either. Both my daughters slept with me after The Ring but for me- cheesy.

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@DominicX Just so you know, by todays standards, The Exorcist is actually quite funny.

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The only horror I wouldn’t really want to see again is ‘Cannibal Holocaust’. I watched it when I was about 8 or 9yrs old & it was just too much.

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I wish I had wussed out of watching the last 20 mins of Paranormal Activity! I had to sleep with the light on after watching that movie (which for the first hour I was wondering what the big deal was!!!)

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@JeffVader When the movie first came out, I saw it, and laughed all the way through it.
Years later, once I had kids, I watched The Exorcist again, and it scared the hell out of me.
The difference was I now understood the horror the mother was going thru.

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@filmfann Ah…... yes, not an issue that I’ll ever experience.

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I’d never watch The Grudge alone, probably not The Ring either. Hm, that’s all i can think of now.

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There are a few that I’ve stopped watching, or will refuse to watch, out of disgust rather than fear. Watching with someone else wouldn’t make any difference, it would still make me want to puke.

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I don’t really scare easily. I love horror movies and could have a horror movie marathon and not be bothered by it.

However, I refuse to watch Blair Witch Project, not because it scares me but because of the pukey camera angles. I am extremely sensitive when it comes to motion sickness and the slightest spin or twirl of ANYTHING will make me want to puke. Just watching other things spin in circles is enough to make me sick.

I saw it in theaters and had to close my eyes through the whole movie. I did not realize it was going to be so rough. I had heard people say the movie will make you sick but I didn’t really believe them.

Watching it with someone else will not make any difference.

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