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Turning a document into a book?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) April 8th, 2010

I am writing a novel for a school project.
it is currently in a word doc, but i want to be able to print it out as if it were a book (landscape w/ page numbers, etc)
Does anyone know of any good webapps or free online programs that does this

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Look around in Word a little. I know I saw a feature that puts page numbers in (but I can’t remember how to get to that menu), and I know you can print it sideways (landscape).

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You can put document to landscape under the Page Layout tab, then Orientation. Page number is under the Insert tab.

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Yes, and there are different options for how you set up the page numbering so you can have facing pages with the numbers on the outer side of the page.

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If I am reading the question right, Word will do that for you.

Print a folded booklet
When you select Book fold for your page setup, Microsoft Word prints two pages on one side of the paper. When you fold the paper, it opens like a book. This option is intended for documents that have more than two pages.”

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OpenOffice has a free, open source word processing program. It is almost exactly like Microsoft Word. Just as in Word, you can do the landscape layout and numbered pages.

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LOL Open office…server not found

oh wait…here{keywords}&pk=54–1

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