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How do I remove this warrant for a minor ticket?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) April 8th, 2010

About a month ago I got a minor ticket for not having my parking permit thing hanging from the window. It was a 26 dollar ticket that I did not really pay attention to, well a month + a week passed and now I guess I have a warrant out for my arrest (that is what the paper I received in the mail says) can I still pay the ticket even though this time limit thing is up….(If this is a stupid question do not bother telling me, I am 18….)

P.S. Since I never got pulled over they just left the ticket on the windshield of the car and sent the letter saying there would be a warrant for my arrest to my MOTHER since it is her car…can I still pay the ticket? BTW, I do not need to be reminded how big of a moron I am, I get it. Help please.

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Pay your ticket now. This isn’t that big of a deal. It’s mostly a scare tactic to get you to pay, but still pay it immediately.

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so I am guessing that is still an option regardless if the car is under my moms name? It doesn’t matter who pays it?

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Just do it. Tell your mom. She’s going to find out. Oh wait, you’re 18, just pay it.

Do this tomorrow. Make it your highest priority.

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Just pay the ticket…I would do so in person if allowed and make sure the fine has not doubled in case you have to bring more money. Get a receipt and give it to your mom in case she gets pulled over and it shows on her record. Not all fines are immediately erased.

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I know I’m sound like a baby right now by asking this but how exactly will my mother find out…

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pay the ticket?

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Some bored cop runs the plates while your mom is driving the car and takes her to jail.

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your insurance rates may also go up, which may indicate something to your mom…. but I’m not sure if a non moving violation would case your rates to increase or not.

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BTW first thing tomorrow I am paying it, I just wanted to know as a basically new driver if I walked in the police station about a month late to pay the thing would I get in super shit.

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you could play the “ignorant card” and act like you didn’t realize the severity of it, or you forgot, etc. I doubt you’d be in big trouble.

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Would that work? I still feel like the police department is this unforgiving hell hole that will throw me in jail when I walk in trying to pay my late ticket

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Nah if you walk in and pay the fine, you probably will get out with just a butt chewing. Check the ticket, do you have to pay at the cop shop, city hall or the courthouse? Don’t go to the cop shop if you have to pay at the courthouse.

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The police have a lot more bigger fish to fry than a person with a late ticket. Just don’t babble away when you go…be polite and pay the money.

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They’re going to arrest you if you DON’T pay the ticket, not if you do.
You should be writing a check right now.

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This happened to me when I was 18 at a house party. Cops busted in but couldn’t find our keg, but Everyone at the party was parked illegally on the street. The cops the wrote everyone a ticket, but a drunk kid at the party went and grabbed all the ticket. So no one knew they got them, until we all had warrents.

Just pay it and then call the court house to make sure everythings good.

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You don’t pay the police, you pay the court.

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Sometimes you are allowed to pay it via the internet !! You might want to look into it !!

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