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What do you think of Tiger's/Nike's ad?

Asked by flo (11445points) April 8th, 2010

Someone said he “pimped his dad”, that it is a disrespectful thing to do, and that whether it is effective, (since some people can be fooled easily) or not is not the point, it is disreprectful anyway.

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That’s Tiger’s burden not ours. Time to let this one go.
This question has been asked and answered several times.

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I just wanted to vomit, made me sick his stupid ugly mug staring,and he dad’s other worldly obi wan kanobi voice. gag i lliked jimmy kinmel’s version where the mum beats his dumb ass head with a rolled up newspaper

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@Captain_Fantasy the people who have had enough of the questions and answers about it decide to answer other questions, would you say?

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It’s been asked 3 times already. We’ve covered that ground.

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It was disrespectful and Tiger ought to be ashamed of himself. Anyone, including myself still talking about this and his affairs, other than him, his wife and women he slept with should be ashamed of themselves. Not. Our. Business.

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@Captain Fantasy “we’ve covered that ground”. Your contribution is okay but others’ isn’t? Is it once your answer is in that it should stop? Why the attempt to muzzle others? You took the time not to answer other questions but to shut people up, here twice. What other topic should we be muzzled about?

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