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What are girls interested in?

Asked by PauloD15 (48points) April 8th, 2010

There is this girl I like but I don’t know what to talk to her about.

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Establish something you have in common.

You go to school with each other. Start with that. If she still wants to talk to you find out what she likes.

You’ll never know what she likes if you dont ask her.

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Get to know her and find out. Girls are individuals and what they like varies.

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Does she play soccer? Is she in the band? Whatever you do know about her, start from there and she will talk back to you. (I love this kid!)

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Knitting. Cooking. Babies…....

Sports, Math, Sociology, Psychology…..

You know what? They aren’t all that different from guys as far as interests are concerned.

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This definitely isn’t a question we can answer. Boys and girls like different things just like Dreamer says. Some people like beer. Some like wine. Some like to party. Some like to stay in. Some like punk rock. Some like classical. Some like pork. Some like roast beef. And some like to cry wee wee wee all the way home.

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You need to get over you’re shyness… Start trying to talk to other girls that you don’t like as practice…

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I like video games, drawing, reading, writing, beach, cinema, jogging, playing sport, talking, laughing, eating, music

Does she have a Facebook or msn account? That could be a good way to start. Or if you are feeling confident, you can ask her straight out. “So I hardly know you, what are your hobbies?” It may be abrupt, but it can be amusing as well.

Best to ask her out to have lunch or something, get to know her :)

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Shoes, purses, jewelry, boys, makeup… but if you talk to her about that stuff she will get weird ideas about you.

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Some girls give me money, some girls buy me clothes
Some girls give me jewelry that I never thought I’d own

Some girls give me diamonds, some girls, heart attacks
Some girls I give all my bread to I don’t ever want it back

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Little known fact, girls are as diverse as boys.
It’s not like every boy is interested in sports and every girl is interested in baking brownies.

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Steal her notebooks & go through them. Break into her locker & see what she is hiding in there. Secretly follow her for 7 days (so you know her full week schedule). After that, you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of person she is & what she likes. Best of luck to ya.

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Themselves. Talk about her.

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@rpmpseudonym Don’t tell him to stalk her!

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@escapedone7 I love that you are fine with breaking & entering along with theft, but following her really gets to you. :) It was all sarcasm anyway. Seriously @PauloD15, the correct answer was given by @davidbetterman.

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Girls just wanna have fun!

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All she wants to do is dance.

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ASK HER…..Girls like to be asked about themselves…...If you know that you will freak and not know what to say on the spot, write down a list of questions that you could ask her so they in your head next time you see her.

Also break up the questions with a few compliments…....Girls love compliments.

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Fun, apparently.

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Tease and make fun of her, not all the time where you come off like a child; only enough for her to notice you.
Don’t show too much interest, show that you don’t need her because women want what they can’t have.
You don’t want to be part of the percentage of guys that suck up and put her on a pedestal

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@PhillyCheese I have to disagree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation, like you’ve described, that has ever worked out.

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Stalk her myspace or facebook acct. and learn :)

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Play around with her. Make her laugh, but don’t insult her.

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