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When was Fluther the most helpful (for you)

Asked by Mama_Cakes2 (1446points) April 8th, 2010

Was it something that someone said? Or a whole group of Jellies? What exactly did he/she/or they help you with?

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It helped me in my post vacation jet lag, back to reality, last month when I couldn’t function for the first 2 weeks after I got home…and here I still am. lol

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When my daughter deposited her cat with me. I was inexperienced, naive, frightened and mystified.

The fluther community saw me through some difficult times, reassured me, taught me tricks, suggested reading material and saved both my and Milo’s life, for which we are both very grateful.

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With my first question, with computer questions, just being there for me to hook up with in the evening!

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Well…be grateful that she didn’t leave you with geese like mine did! Oh, and her cat too…the worlds most evil psychotic black cat! lol

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I lost my Mom a few years ago and shut down emotionally. I had a wonderful girl in my life, but, wasn’t able to let go emotionally with her. The caring kids at Fluther had a little chat with me and helped me with letting go.

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When I was quite depressed, it provided a lot of support. I didn’t really take it in at the time, but it made a big difference.

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It’s the little things that people say that make me go “awwww” and smile.
Like today, a jelly told me that they fell in love with me and my over explaining myself. It was cute and indeed made me go “awwww”.
Sometimes, it’s the little things that people say that help get you through your day or make you feel better when you’re in a shitty mood.
I think Fluther does that for a lot of people. I think walking away happier than you were before a Fluther session is what keeps people coming back. Even though most of us are strangers, we have the ability to impact each other’s lives positively with the things we say.

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@gailcalled used to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was of great help advising me on my trip to Boston the summer before last. I’ll never forget her for going above and beyond when it came to emailing me info and even finding others who lived in the area to help me with suggestions on must-do things in the area.

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@AstroChuck: How nice of you to remember that. If you ever want to take your family to the Berkshires this summer for music ($17 for Tanglewood lawn tickets), dance, theatre, hiking, opera, indie movies, yoga taught by Karen Allen (of Raiders of the Lost Ark) and staring-at-famous-people, let me know.

As a bonus, you’d get to meet Milo.

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When I was bored during Winter Break and I made an awesome friend.

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I felt a bit under the weather when I asked this question. Not only did I received the answer that I needed within a few minutes, I also received a get well wish and I had a laugh or two…or three.

I really felt lurved that evening. :)

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