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Can I add chocolate chips to any banana bread recipie?

Asked by Abby (111points) February 4th, 2007
I'm not a very experienced baker, and I want to make banana bread with chocolate chips but haven't found a good recipie. Can I simply add choc chips to a basic banana bread recipie?
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Here's an easy one. Lots of other versions at this site.
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yes, you can, although you might want to lessen the sugar since the chocolate will make the bread sweeter.
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Here's a tip: toss the choc chips in flour before you stir them into the batter, and then mix only until just combined. An expert baker friend of mine says this keeps them from sinking to the bottom of the loaf while in the oven.
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I also like to sprinkle a few on top!
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Sinking problem might be solved by using mini choc. chips.
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add chocolate chips to anything you like.
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Hmmm-cc and mashed potatoes, cc and kale, cc and catsup (viz: Richard NIxon), cc and shrimp...there may be a few limitations. One could just eat a banana and then the chips right from the bag : )
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Absolutely! My mom used to do it all the time... You can also add choc chips to any delicious fruit salad to make it more dessert-y.
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I'm a fan of a banana with peanut butter spread onto it and THEN the chocolate chips. A friend of mine wraps a banana in foil along with chocolate chips/peanut butter/marshmallow/etc and puts it all on the grill. Talk about a power dessert!
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So, what's the "etc" In sarah's friend's lethal concoction? The only basic food types missing are caffeine and nicotine:-)
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Thanks all! you all rock.

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