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What's your favorite M & M flavor and color?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) March 9th, 2008

Mine used to be green almond… then M & M dark chocolate was unveiled… now either flavor in green is fave. Also, any M & M color you WON’T eat?

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I like red peanutt!! :) TASTY

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I wont eat brown it looks like sh*t

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I thought they all tasted the same…
Of course the green ones….

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I like Pnut butter any color will do but I hate the Easter ones the she’ll seems to be harder but I still eat them!

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Is it true the blue ones make you horney?? I have heard a couple people say that before.

MMM… Dark chocolate, Peanut butter, Milk Chocolate…....Why do we have to make a decision!!

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Love Peanut Butter and ALL colors are just fine! I eat green & blue first for some reason.

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AAAH!!! I just looked up the history of it this morning. My fav is milk choclate!! And I want to eat aqua.. cause its my fav color.

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@g33s0n6656 urban legend says GREEN has the aphrodisiac qualities, ergo Ms. M&M is green.

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I ate a bag of m&m in three days hehe.

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The green are my favorite color and I like the dark chocolate the best.

Did anyone else see the bag of entirely green M&M’s fro Valentine’s day? They had this whole thing on the package about everyone knowing the myth about green M&M’s and totally played the whole thing up. It was great!

This site has more info.

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Occasionally they make pastel colored chocolate mint flavored M&M’s for Easter. My absolute favorite.

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