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Was it only me? Or were there also other people who thought that Fluthers was a dating site?

Asked by TogoldorMandar (539points) April 9th, 2010

Well i read “Flirther” in the beginning.So i though it meant “Flirt with her” Well i was just wondering if there were also other people like me who made the same mistake or did i make unique mistake?

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Do you mean that it isn’t?

Damn, I wonder if I can get those photos back?

(There has been some dating – and a marriage or two I believe.)

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Dating site?! No! LOL

@DarkScribe Love it. Hahaaa…..

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I’ve never heard of someone making his mistake, but I have to admit it’s clever.

It may not be a dating site, but it’s a great place to meet people. Very nice people, too. Sometimes people you might want to date. Except you know a whole hell of a lot more about them by the time you want to ask them that than you would on a regular dating site.

@DarkScribe I’ll give them back, but please let me keep that cute one of you in the bikini bottoms.

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@wundayatta that’s nothing. I have one of him WITHOUT a bikini bottom. :D WOOF!!!

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I was looking for information on LUTHER Vandross,when I stumbled across an F.Although there is an awful lot of dross on here.It is however far outweighed by the good stuff.

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Fraid not…but that doesn’t stop Vunessuh and me from being a unification of horn basketness.

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@Symbeline Don’t forget—it was I who stapled the duck to the chicken.

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Aren’t all social sites used to hook up at some point?

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actually… the very very very beginning…but that was a while ago… lol

don’t tell anyone…pllleeease

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@lynneblundell Come on now. Fess up. Details. Details!

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It was just you.

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