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What losing battle are you fighting?

Asked by stump (3835points) April 9th, 2010

I fight for correct pronunciation, grammar, and spelling to help preserve the English language. I perform Shakespeare’s plays and the language has changed so much that a lot of people just can’t appreciate them anymore. And it is inevitable that they will be lost to the general public. Yet I love his language so much I will keep on producing them. Are you engaged in a fight that you feel is noble, even if it is unwinnable?

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So far I have been unable to lose age, no matter how hard I try. It doesn’t seem fair, as I have been able to lose a great deal of weight. I have fairly modest goals, too. I’d just like to lose 25 or 30 years.

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Stupidity. According to my standards :P (see the :P, it indicates sarcasm)

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@rahm_sahriv (the ~ symbol indicates sarcasm. the :P looks like a blow-job)

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I try not to buy anything made in China.

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The battle against ignorance.

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I try to fight the good fight, on here from time to time in fact when there are less than helpful comments made by some of the members aimed at intimidating others! What’s all that about?? :-/

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@filmfann I did not know that. In past forums, :P has been used. For blow jobs, this was used: :O <==8

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I agree @rahm_sahriv ... :O looks far more like a BJ than :P

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A battle against driftnet aspersions (they catch everyone in their net) and moderator stupidity. People are really starting to punch my buttons these days. It’s getting very annoying, and of course…. oh never mind. It’s a losing battle. You can’t outlaw the stupidity of people who think they are so smart. There’s nothing that pisses me off more than elitism and stupid judgments by people who are stuck on themselves.

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The battle to stay off Fluther even when I know there are better things to do with my time.

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Getting to understand the meaning of our existence and getting to know what makes me tick. Losing battle in both cases.

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Aside from the obvious death and taxes I fight for a good meal out. I cannot find decent service combined with good food. We have amazing restaurants with amazing food here but to find good service without waiting waiting and then waiting is simply not happening.

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Trying to pay bills in time.

Also I boycott MacDick’s. Tastes like shit and turns cows into parking lots.

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oh ya know..trying to find’s really really pathetic

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acceptance and serenity

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