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How did I just get a Great Answer for a question that has been removed for editing?

Asked by Snarp (11249points) April 9th, 2010

A timing glitch in the Great Answer database? Or did a moderator do it?

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Maybe someone gave you a Great Answer before it got pulled.

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If one user had a tab open with the question before it got removed for editing, they can still give you a GA, even after the question was removed.

I’ve done it before; I had a tab open but then ran from the computer to answer a phone call, came back and gave some GA’s, and then closed the tab and realized the question had been removed.

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@jfos It got pulled hours ago.

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Yeah, you can still get a Great Answer for an answer from a removed question as long as it’s before it was removed…

…or what jeff said.

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A glitch in the Matrix. It means an agent will be knocking at your door any second now.

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Maybe your answer was so great that it was automatically awarded based on predetermined great answer requirements.

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Mod Lurve :)

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Been wondering that myself.I assumed the GA came just as it was pulled,interesting.

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@Dog lurve. :)

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Oops, sorry, missed that link on the question page that I assume makes a question automatically Meta.

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You didn’t…

It’s all a dream.

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Just because it was removed doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great question. Not sure how you could have managed it, though.

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Secret mod lurve.

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secret mod lurve makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

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Not quite forbidden but warm and fuzzy even when you are a mod getting it.

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