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I need to get a birth certificate im 33 years old and never got one?

Asked by 33154 (7points) April 9th, 2010

what i need to do to get a birth certificate?

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If you were born in the US, contact the county where you were born.

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It depends on where you are, the rules and procedures are very much localized. Where I am you show up at the Public Health Department, give them a name and birth date, pay a fee, and wait around for an hour and poof, birth certificate (assuming you were born here). You can even get someone else’s birth certificate.

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There are instructions for each state posted on the Internet. Look for your state’s department of registrations, or some such category – vital statistics, births and deaths, etc.

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I had to send away to the town where I was born recently to request this. You fill out the form with personal details (parents, birth date, mother’s maiden name, etc.) and the city / county clerk will look up to verify and give you the BC.

I’m sure there are procedures in place in case you don’t know some vital information; talk to your city or county clerk (city or county of birth).

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Vitalchek charges you unnecessary fees.

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@dpworkin So does my city if you want to do it with a credit card. Convenience costs money.

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If U.K resident you need to know which town/city you were born in. Go to the registry office in that town. Give your name,date of birth along with the hospital born at. They will need names & birth dates of both parents if possible – you will either get a copy there & then for a fee, or make an appointment to collect the day after

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I just went down to the Vital Records Office (covers births, deaths & marriages) and requested one when I needed a replacement for my daughter. Since she was born in this state, it was just matter of paying a small fee & I walked out with a copy 10 minutes later.

When I needed a replacement of mine, I was able to order it from the Texas Vital Records office online. I’m glad I didn’t need it right away.

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If you live in the United States, obtaining a legal birth certificate will require some work on your part. first, i have to ask why you do not have one? you did not say. second, if you have a family bible with your name and date of birth in it, this most likely will be accepted by your state as evidence needed for your birth certificate.

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Call the health department in your county.

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