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Truth or myth, if you blow your nose too hard it could affect your sinuses (leading to a sinus infection)

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 9th, 2010

My Aunt Cecile always told us not to blow too hard..


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It’s not really about how hard you blow, but what technique you use. the “valsalva” maneuver can inject mucus into your sinuses. It’s best to blow one nostril at a time.

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Well, in my family, if you blow your nose to hard, you fart. A multi tasking gift that runs on my Dads side. According to my Aunt who would always tell my Uncle to not blow too hard!

But seriously yes, it is not advised to blow too hard, it can go into your ears and other sinuses.

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By definition if using the word ‘too’ in the description of an act – you are indicating that there is an undesired effect as a result of the extreme action that is being described.

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Fortunately, there have been no fatalities from this, and that’s also how my Uncle cleared up his hemorroids.

@Petelad You are too funny

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I’ve just been to my ENT specialist. He says it’s better to sniff, snort and swallow (or spit if you can), then blow your nose hard. You shouldn’t blow any harder than a small puff. I have a deviated septum and it’s very annoying when I have a bad cold. I was good to get his opinion on best to deal with my nose and sinus problem.

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Riding a police motorcycle for seven years played havoc with my sinuses. i had one sinus infection after another. i used just about every otc nose spray made in order to be able to breathe through my nose. i finally had surgery on my sinuses and that corrected my problem. until that time, i was the nose-blowing king in my police department. i would only blow one side of my nose at a time. to be honest, i was concerned about the pressure and sinus infections. i already had it at the time. sinues are located in different parts of the human skull, not just in the face. my sinuses hurt in all of them. the blood circulating my brain became infected and thus the surgery.

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Well I know this sounds really really strange, but I have never blown my nose. For some reason I just can’t do it.

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@Sophief You’ve never had a flu or a headcold?
Easy breezy suits me best

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Oh, Lord, @Sophief, what a tempting straight line. Are you Satan, come to test me?

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