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If you could open any kind of business, what kind would you open?

Asked by chels (6784points) April 9th, 2010

We’ve all had our fair share of business ideas whether awesome or incredibly stupid. But if you had the resources, time, and money.. What kind of business would you love open and run?

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An independent film production/distribution company.

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A mortuary next door to a hospital.

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I would love to have a florist shop. I don’t know much about flowers, but I think it would be great to work around flowers all the time.
My second choice, which me and a friend had discussed at length, but missed the boat as someone else opened one just 2 weeks ago would be a dog wash business.

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A pet supply stores that specializes in rabbits.


A small inexpensive hotel (almost hostel-esque), with a simple diner attached, size permitting.

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A kareoke (sp?) bar with a LIVE band!! They probably exist somewhere…but I think that would be AWESOME!!! :-D

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Dog kennels. I mean awww bless.

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Post production company.

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A company that helps people create websites.

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@ChazMaz Could we be right next to each other? :)

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@Vunessuh I really wanted to get into independent films for a while. Such an awesome thing.

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We sure could. :-)

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A hunting/fishing guide service.

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I, then, would like to start a tailor made treehouse factory.
Design them my own, (a little bit) together with the customer (the kids) and build and install them my own too.

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I used to be an art dealer, which I loved. I haven’t the energy to do that now, but as long as we are just wishing, I would like to sell American folk and Outsider art.

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Interdisciplinary therapy practice. IT Consulting firm. Research institute. Among others…

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Or, a Hobby Store. Like R/C stuff.

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I’m with @ucme, I would open kennels but my dream is to open kennels that take in certain breeds that, due to media speculation and human stupidity for the most part, have bad reputations. I see too many Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds etc put to sleep because shelters are over run with them and people don’t want them due to what they hear in the media. I’d love to be able to take in some of these dogs, work with any behaviour issues they may have and then show people just how great these dogs can be, especially Bull Terriers, not that being a proud Staffy owner makes me bias in anyway.

I’d also quite like to open a Theatre memorabilia shop or a book shop.

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A funeral home. Steady business all year round.

I wouldn’t want to work there, but still.

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An arts school.

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I’d like to open either an ad agency or some type of graphic design business.

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I’d open a fancy gun shop with a private range. Sortof like a mom and pop version of Magpul.

I would also be comfortable with running a safari guide business or even a boat tour company on the Rio de Teodoro or something like that. That would be pretty rad.

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Can I have backsies? I think I would like to have a hedge fund.

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I don’t have it in me to operate a business larger than a solo freelance editing service, but if I did, it would be a quirky, eclectic independent bookstore worthy of a name such as Exquisite Corpse.

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@Jeruba, I really like that idea. When does Exquisite Corpse start hiring?

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For you, today.

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awesome :-D

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@Jeruba Beat me to the punch. I was gonna say an independent bookstore and coffee house. Maybe we can meet in Sante Fe and open one together, @Jeruba ?

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@TILA_ABs_NoMore back in the days when I was stationed in Japan and the Philippines, the karaoke bars out there had up-and-coming bands performing the musical accompanyment and back-up vocals for the singing patrons.

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an assissted living residential facility . .. as part of an enterprise which includes previously mentioned business.

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I don’t want to make money off it but if I had money I would run a shelter for homeless queer youth.

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I Want to open the first ever fully automatic bar with robots as bartenders. No more waiting fast service and focused into the future

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@janbb, I would love to open a bookstore with you, but I don’t want to be in the Southwest. How about Emerson and Thoreau country? Or San Francisco? The coffeehouse aspect is a great idea; perhaps we can get @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard to supply some music. I also want to display the works of local painters.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir, open your shelter in our neighborhood and send the kids in. We’ll teach ‘em to read.

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A Mexican restaurant in beach in Italy. I’d be the owner who’s always happy and giving away tequila shots, that is, when I’m not driving around in my Ferrari.

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@Jeruba I vote for you to open it in San Francisco!

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A tattoo shop, or a music store (like the kind that sells instruments, not the kind that sells albums).

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I’d tell stories. There are actually folks who do that for a living. Me, I just do it because I can’t stop myself.

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Cake decorating. I’m already extremely good at it, and if I had the resources, I think I could run an amazing little cake shop.

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@Jeruba @janbb I’ve wanted this bookstore/ coffeeshop since it was the setting in a book I read. I want to be by the ocean, though. In Lethbridge, AB, there is an amazing bookstore with rabbits in cage, old style decor, big comfy chairs- just fun to be there!

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An Art Deco shop.

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@Jeruba I was thinking of a halfway spot, but Concord, Mass. or San Francisco would work for me. Now we just have to each inherit $1,000,000 that we can afford to lose! Maybe Milo would deign to be the cat in residence, Simone’s homeless kids could stop by after school, and @dpworkin could have an office upstairs from which to deal his folk and Outsider art.

@faye Stop by any time.

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I would open a bakery and bookstore. There would be a small coffee & tea place in the middle of the two. In the bakery, you could buy wonderful breads and there would be a variety of desserts, too. Whatever struck my fancy to make that day would be on the menu. (Hey, if I’m going to dream, I don’t have to worry about the stuff selling. Of course it will sell!) In the bookstore you would find helpful people who smelled like cookies from the bakery. And they would know where every single book could be found. We would easily find out of print items for you, too.

Once you found the book of your dreams, you can wander to the coffee and tea shoppe, get a lovely cuppa, buy a treat from the bakery menu, sit and read your book. Then buy some treats to take home and share with your loved ones.

Barring that, I’ll just go bake stuff for @janbb and @Jeruba, if they’ll have me.

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@tedibear39 We would never say no to a good baker!

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Cool! Do I need to send you samples?

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@tedibear39 For sure. I’ll pm you my address and give Jeruba the report!

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Hold on there, @janbb. I lurve you and all, but I think I’ll need to taste the samples myself.

I definitely think we should have a cat sunning himself in the window seat.

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@Jeruba You mean you won’t trust my expertise in judging baked goods? You can order all the books for the grammar section on your own as a swap!

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I completely trust your expertise, my dear. And how much better I can admire it when I’ve affirmed it for myself.

Let’s have an open mike on Tuesday nights for poets and writers to read their stuff and on Thursdays for storytellers. We can exhibit some of @dpworkin‘s art. @DrasticDreamer and @tedibear39 can handle the bakery. Tables reserved for chess and backgammon on Friday nights.

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I’m loving it for real! Can we add a singer-songwriter (formerly folksinger) open mike night on Sundays? I’m sure Jean-Paul Sartre would be willing to play some of his compositions.

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Great idea! Monday nights are quiet, though. We adore and revere silence.

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Monday nights the partners have to – err, review the baked goods for the following week.

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Monday nights everyone is over at the sports bar, watching football.

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Not I. Monday nights at the Exquisite Corpse are for those who treasure a quiet space to browse, read, and meditate while perhaps sipping some white tea and downing a delectable pastry. Thank goodness the sports bar is keeping all those raucous types occupied for an evening.

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A bookstore or an art gallery.

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Music. Check!

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You do play the fiddle, don’t you?

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a pokemon center.

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Chels and I would start a wedding planning business that involves flowers/invitations/everything and we will take over the world. And Jane can make our cupcakes.

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@Jeruba, I’m learning. I’m way better at guitar though.

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A successful one. :(

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