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What mythical character(s) would you most like to emulate?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) April 9th, 2010

There are all kinds of characters from myth. It isn’t just gods. Creatures from fairy tales, graphic novels, cartoons and many other kinds of stories belong in this group. Mythical characters are forms of archetypes. Both archetypes and mythical characters represent a distillation of certain kinds of human personalities.

Which one(s) would you like to emulate, if you could? Why?

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Silent, sovereign, reserved, yet totally badass when it comes down to battle.
The only drawback is that I would only have one arm.

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Alot of mythical characters were… well… sortof dickheads. Especially the heroes of Greek origin, so I’m gonna count all of them out.

…upon reading your question more carefully, I’d say Indiana Jones. I already sortof emulate him anyway.

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Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
I appear and disappear at my own discretion. I have a big smile and deep magical eyes.
I can float.
And I’m learning how to speak Jabberwocky!

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Since childhood probably after seeing The Little Mermaid but I’m not sure I have been fascinated by Mermaids or Sirens. However, as far as I am aware, Mermaids in folklore weren’t meant to be the beautiful, romantic creatures that Disney and hollywood remember the film, Splash? would have us believe. I wouldn’t say that I want to emulate them as such but I am still fascinated to this day.

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One of the centaurs from Fantasia. Or this one.

There’s just something whimsical and fascinating about them. Plus, they always seem to be daydreaming and careless. And that’s pretty much how I am.

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As a youngster Spiderman.
Why? Need I say?

As an oldster, I now know that Spiderwoman would have kicked my arse (ass) every time.
And may well have eaten me after an especially good time!

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Samurai Jack because of his humility, strength of character, and tenacity, and his ability to see the beauty around him and appreciate it for what it is regardless of his circumstances or burden.

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@wonderingwhy Haha Samurai Jack, awesome.

I can’t help but to say the classic vampire. Living forever in my melancholy and sorrow as I damn humanity, and myself most of all, in some creepy castle where I lure dudes and drink their blood and wear all sortsa funky Victorian dresses or get drunk offa wine and brandy…all with style, and hawt hair.

What? Vampires can’t get drunk? Oh…

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Peter Pan . . . imagine being able to stay youthful and doing some fun stuff.

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I think I’d want to be Merlin, a philosopher who combines art and science with a profound understanding of the interrelationships of all things.

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Falcor from The Neverending Story.. does he count? I’ve always wanted him as a pet :P

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@wtfrickinfrack he most definately counts! I’ve always loved him.

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I like the idea of the Valkyries.

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Through cunning and gravitas, he opposed the greek gods and beat them.
He did pay a price, though.

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It used to be Athena when I was growing up. The wise warrior goddess.
But I think the one that really had a sneaky, lasting influence was Nausicaa from the Valley of the Wind. Her freedom, her compassion for life around her, her courage…

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Ha! I used to be Cheetah from the Tarzan (Johnny Weismuller) when I was about 7/8 years old.
I think I just hit a bingo on where many of my problems originated from!

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Fred Jones from Scooby Doo. Then I could do what that loser never dared to do, even though it was served on a plate for him, shag Daphne Blake.

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Marquis de Sade

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Galadriel (Cate Blanchett)...Oh, you said emulate, not stimulate…. ooops

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Dritzzt Du’urden

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Athena from myth, or Neil Gaiman’s anthropomorphic characterisation of Death, who, believe it or not, is rather a kind and happy entity.

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Phoebus Apollo.


The Mighty Goliath!

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People, please explain your choices. Names are no fun without explanations. It’s especially bad when I know absolutely nothing about the name.

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@MRSHINYSHOES, are you talking about the giant that young David the shepherd lad brought down with a slingshot and a couple of pebbles?

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A (Super) Saiyan would be pretty awesome. Apart from the strength, I just want to be able to fly.

and freaking lazer beams

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In The Seventh Seal, Bengt Ekerot is also sort of a happy and kind death.

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Cthulhu, because it’s farcking awesome. Because scary evil looks at Cthulhu and says “Holy shit, that’s scary evil, man.”

Cthulhu for President! Why vote for the lesser evil?

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I want to be Pegasus flying through the clouds and stomping out evil! lol

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Whatever the most painless one is, they’re all tragically lonely lol. Are there any?

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I want to be a tiny little fairy that sleeps inside rose petals, and flies around like a butterfly. I don’t need any magical powers other than to be free and stealthy so I can hide to feel safe. I would live a peaceful quiet joyful life at one with nature. If I did have a magic power I would like to be able to heal anyone I touched because so many people are sick. I don’t know of any mythical creatures like that though.

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