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What method of getting to la is the most efficient and / or fun?

Asked by judyprays (1304points) April 9th, 2010

We are stuck at sfo and were intending to fly to la tonight. What would you do? How can we make this awesome?

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I would so take PCH south. It is just a beautiful drive. You might also take the train, it goes down the coast!

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Flying? Not much awesome about that.
The fun starts once you leave the airport.

I’d say roadtrip down 101. That’s fun.
Just say no to Highway 5. Not as fun unless you like miles and miles of straight, bleak highway that never changes.
Plus on 101 you can stop by Hearst Castle.

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Taking the train is most efficient and fun! You all get to relax and enjoy the view!

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Are you having trouble getting tickets? There are lots of airports in LA.
the train is about 8 hours, the freeway is about 9 if you take 5, but it is much more scenic if you go highway 1, and about 4 hours longer.

Just fly, and save the awesome for LA.

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@SuperMouse is right, take PCH if you can.

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Driving down 101 is so fun. I love going to L.A. that way. It’s so beautiful and a lot more fun than 5, which is boring as hell. 101 passes through some amazing areas, especially in Santa Barbara County. That’s where it gets right up next to the ocean. Some of the most beautiful parts of California are along 101. Plus, you’d pass through SLO where my boyfriend is. :)

It was so fun when my boyfriend and I were heading down 101 and there’s a sign in San Jose that says “Los Angeles, 400 miles”. That’s when I had to yell “WOOO!” outside the window…lol, because we went all the way that day. :)

Highway 1 (Cabrillo/Pacific Coast Highway) is cool and beautiful too (it goes right along the ocean), but it takes really long. 101 takes longer than 5 and 1 takes longer than 101. Only go on 1 if you’re willing to take that much time. It’s also very windy*.

*Heh. I originally meant “windy” as in curvy, but “windy” as in the wind makes sense too. :)

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I would take a flight out of SF Bay area and in less than a couple of hours you could be down in Los Angeles metro having real fun at actual fun places, not just passing by scenery. The cost of a commuter flight is just about the same as a train fare or renting a vehicle and gassing up the 400-mile trip.

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Let’s not be rude about scenery, @njnyjobs. ....Oh right, you must live over there where there isn’t any. I understand. Sorry.

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If you want to fly,
flies to Long Beach (which SUPER easy to deal with compared to LAX)
and they aren’t listed on Yahoo Travel, Expedia, ect.

Same with Southwest (which flies I think to Burbank and LAX)

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agreed. road trip down the pacific coast highway. it is so. beautiful.

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The greyhound bus is the cheapest and you can goof like nut balls and irritate the other passengers while you giggle and laugh all the way to LA.

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@susanc excuse me, why is there a need to bash my suggestion and your perception of my personal abode? FYI, I have been to and lived in places where there are far better scenery than the PCH.

@jaytkay don’t forget John Wayne/Orange and Ontario Int’l airports

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Efficient? Fly. Fun? Drive down the coast.

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The drive down the Pacific coast Highway is well worth the time spent. It is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Especially at night with the stars out!
Daytime is cool too.
If there are big waves, Mavericks would be a fun side trip.

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The train is pretty fun. Amtrack goes all the way there (last couple hours by bus), and since it’s one way, you will pay a small amount.

Driving the PCH is BEEE-U-TEA-FUL. But taking Amtrack can be just as fun in my opinion, requires alot less effort, and is probably cheaper.

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