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Is it safe to break apart a calcium capsule to dissolve the powder in juice?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) April 9th, 2010

The calcium supplements I’m taking are very large and difficult to swallow; one got stuck and I choked. Is it safe to take them apart so I can dissolve the powder in juice?

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I have a chewable calcium supplement – pretty sure you can open yours.

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Why wouldn’t it be safe? (scratches head)

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@susanc Was worried it needed to be released over time, or something.

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If it’s just a regular OTC supplement, you should be fine. If you are still concerned, I suggest you call your local pharmacy, and speak directly with the pharmacist.

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It’s fine. Calcium supplements are pretty much inert.

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@mirifique – I hadn’t thought of that. Didn’t question your judgment, just wondering.

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ive never tried it but you should be fine. i think .

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Yes, it will be perfectly fine. The only time it is dangerous to do things like this is with time release tablets or capsules.

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