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What is the proper name for numbers you can text to get info/promos?

Asked by alive (2933points) April 9th, 2010

Usually they are 5 or 6 digits that a company or organization sets up.

They put up some kind of billboard or sign that says for example “Text ‘a phrase’ to 5545”

When you text “a phrase” or whatever key word they give you, you automatically receive a text message back that says something along the lines of “Thanks for texting ‘blank’! If you would like to continue to receive updates from us text “Y”. If you would like these updates to stop, reply with “Stop”.

These were also used when the earthquake hit hati.

So what is the Proper Name for these Incomplete Phone Numbers???

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These are opt-in codes.

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@Dr_Lawrence THANK YOU!!! :)

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The term “short codes” is probably the more frequently used term.

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both short codes and opt-in text messaging seem to be right. thanks all :)

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In the UK, they’re called SMS Short Codes.

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