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how can you tell when you are in love

Asked by swisschese (10points) March 9th, 2008
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You just know.. If you have to question it you are not in love.

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I was listening to a comedian with nate once, and we always quote it. “You know you’re in a relationship based on love when instead of being embarrassed about bodily functions, you start trying to outdo the other person.”

:) (And yes, Riser, I copied this from our conversation. XD)

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I took a trip to SF with my girlfriend while she was very sick. We were cuddling and she sneezed on my face. At the time I thought it was adorable.

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I’ve heard it put as “when you suddenly love all of the little things about someone that you would normally hate in a person”.

So essentially complete adoration. I still find it odd that for how passionate and powerful love can be, you can still fall out of it.

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You know your in love when you stop trying to win the arguments that you have with your significant other, and just hope to resolve issues at hand and move on. Love has no victory unless both your names are on the trophy.

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I’m not sure i’d 100% agree G33. Nate and I both adore debate. Heated debate. We snuggle while we do it, but we adore it.

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When logic seems to go right out the window….. sigh

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Maybe “win” is not the proper word to use… I work with a guy that last week seemed proud to win, keep her in tears, belittle his girlfriend because he feels he is making her see it his way only. I think that explains it better.

delirium—-> Healthy debates amongst intelligent couples is never a bad thing, keeps the spice!

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When you think everything they do is absolutely perfect and adorable. When a two minute phone call from them makes your day.

There’s a difference between being in love and loving someone, though. They can occur simultaneously or separate from each other. When they happen together, hang on to that person.

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When you can put up with the same, terrible song over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, just because it’s your song.
For instance, “Lay You Down on a Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi.
Or anything by Journey.

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I can also remember Chris Rock saying that “you ain’t never been in love unless you’ve seriously contemplated murder”.

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I’ve heard it said that you know you’re in love with you can’t remember that person’s face when you’re apart. Especially during the first few months.

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your in love when you think of that person 24–7. Can’t sleep when you’re apart, when your in each others arms and time just stops….

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That’s… an amazingly cliche answer.
I really don’t think that such a thing is a good basis for love. Cliche doesn’t determine love. There’s different phases to relationships. You’re talking about the beginning of a relationship, IMHO.

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the question is general ain’t it? my answer is the beginning puppy love stage but after 4 years its still the same feeling since day one, so at the time most think they are in love, if your truly in love then there is no question to it, you just know its right, at the end of the day all you look forward to is spending time with that specific someone in your life.

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When, during the most miserable, annoying fight of your relationship, you still want to be with your partner, you’re in love.

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Poser: Yeah, i agree totally. When nathan and I have huge fights, we always stop to say that we love eachother in the middle.

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Oh, and since the first time I farted in front of my GF (she laughed!) it’s been a contest for us.

She’s a keeper.

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When you feel butterflies in your stomach.

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That, too, is amazingly cliché.

To be honest, I’m in love too, but I don’t think that I will have a relationship with her in 2 years or so.

To me, love is always thinking about the person, wanting to be with her etc. If you do this, you’re in love.

Maybe it’s a matter of personality?

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I felt butterflies in my stomach right before a couple guys tried to rob me. What are you trying to say?

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maybe you were secretly in love with one of them and you didn’t even realise..

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if you offer to pay for the abortion….

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