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What should I do in NYC Next weekend?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) April 9th, 2010

I’m going to NYC next weekend for the first time in my life. Im 16 years old and staying in a hotel 10 ft from Broadway. My dad will be in meetings all day for work and I will have free reign between the Empire State Building and Central Park.

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Oh, man, thank your dad for taking you, what a great trip!

Specifics depend a lot on your interests, but here are some things I would do.

Get a half dozen at the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Sit at the counter and if you don’t know what to order just tell the guy “I don’t know what to order, what’s good?” He’ll set you up.

And Grand Central is worth a look-see regardless

Ride the subway, it’s the fastest way around unless you’re close enough to walk. Get the $8.25 1-Day Fun Pass

If the weather’s nice, people will be out in droves in the park.
Here’s Bethesda Plaza in October

The NY Public Library Main Branch
Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum

American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street

If you see a Gray’s or Papaya King, get a hot dog & papaya juice

If you see a hot dog cart, get a hot dog

That’s just off the top of my head. The possibilities are endless. Have a GREAT time!!

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You only have one weekend? Then do NOT go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You’ll never get out of there.
It’s that wonderful.

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If you like Tim Burton, there is an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (it ends the last weekend in April)

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If the weather is nice and it’s o.k. with your Dad, take one of the Grayline or other guided open topped bus tours for an orientation to the city. Then get out and walk, walk, walk. Up 5th Avenue and through Central Park, you can’t go wrong. If you’re into art, try MOMA, the MET (if you can limit yourself to certain exhibits) and the galleries on Madison Ave. The Central Park Zoo is small and fun. And see if you can find out where the ducks go in winter.

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Eat! So many good places to eat. Use this guide.

And welcome to NY.

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I just love NYC this time of year. Walk along Central Park on the east side. There is a lot to see. Street entertainment, The old gotic looking buildings blended in with the new. Word of advice. Stay along the very busy sidewalk. If walking in the park, do not go along where there are few people. And don’t smile at anyone. Try the hotdogs there while visiting. Don’t get me wrong. NY can be great but crooks can spot out of towners and look for them to slip up by not being aware of their surroundings and being too trusting. Don’t wear anything that looks of value outside. (jewelry) And carry just enough cash. Also don’t carry any expensive hi tech stuff like Iphone. You want to be sure to look undesirable as a victim.

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Have these desserts:

The waffle truck

Bombolonis (google ‘bombolonis nyc’)

…and just some quality bagels :)

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