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Am I crazy or will this carbonated beverage pizza recipe work?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) April 9th, 2010

Ok I called it that lame name as I have no idea what you americans call it. Soda perhaps.

My idea is to make a pizza, but instead of adding water I would add Irn-Bru which is a fizzy drink here in Britland.

The only problems I see is:

a) the yeast getting hyper and not doing what they are told and making the dough rise
b) the carbonated drink somehow ruining things
c) finding decent toppings that won’t make you feel sick.

So has anyone tried anything as stupid as this, and how did it turn out? Or is this the sort of thing that you just through yourself head first in to see what happens (ie unexplored territory).

/edit Oh just in case people ask the ingredients would be:

250g flour, 100ml Irn-Bru (soda), 7g yeast, and a teaspoon olive oil.

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I tried that once, back in Home Economics class. Some of the pizza exploded. The rest was mutated. No one ate it.

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Maybe the yeast is overkill? Did you add yeast?

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Is it sweetened (the pop)?

I would see an issue with how the yeast would react, if it were.

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If you got the idea of a soda pizza from soda bread, then know that it’s a completely different type of soda (sodium bicarbonate).

I don’t see it turning out well.

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I want you to do it and then report back.

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@squidcake Nah I didn’t get this idea from soda bread. I didn’t know that was what soda bread was. I just know that you can make a cake with a beverage in a similar way so just wondered if you could replace the water in the pizza recipe with a beverage to make the dough taste disgusting :P.

@Taciturnu I think they only have artificial sweeteners nowadays. Will yeast eat this?

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Question: Am I crazy or will this carbonated beverage pizza recipe work?

My money’s on crazy.

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@Ame_Evil (Even scarier to think it’s all artificial!) lol! I honestly can’t tell you. I’ve never used aspartame or anything like it when making bread. :/

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Soda pizza sounds right disgusting.

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Warm irn bru is not good. There is no way a pizza like that could even taste good. And I’ve got a feeling that the carbon will kill the yeast. Or it could make the dough rise more.

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