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Anyone remember Fizzies?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 9th, 2010

My wife asked me this question the other night and i told her that i was drawing a blank on Fizzies. either my memory is fading or i never had a Fizzie as a child. what the heck is a Fizzie?

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Aw, you don’t remember fizzies?

They’re like fruit flavored denture tablets. EXCEPT- you drop it in a glass of water and drink instead of soak.

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I’m not sure if your wife is thinking of what I’m thinking of. I’m thinking of a small packet of round sweets that tasted like fizzy cola. They were great.

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Sounds like Lotsa Fizz which had a sort of baking soda type middle. A vintage local store still carries them.

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Okay, fizzies came in a tablet form and dissolved in a glass of water to make a drink like Kool Aid? if this is correct, then what happened to it? is it still available? i use to drink a lot of Kool Aid as a kid and i would like a fizzie to compare the taste of Kool Aid. if its still available, where can it be found?

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I haven’t seen them anywhere locally in years, but apparently they’re making a comeback! You can call 877.FIZZIES to find a local retailer.

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Fizzies not only dissolved into a glass of water to make Kool Aid-like soda pop, they fizzed…And they fizzed really good, too (really well?) They were more sparkling than champagne. (They were like carbonated Kool Aid).

I didn’t like the taste, but I loved watching and listening to them fizzle.

They were around in the early to mid 60s.

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Yes! We took them to summer camp with us.

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Thanks everyone, i will call the 800 hundred number for a fizzie location.

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@john65pennington Website, too! Says Amazon and Target sell online. :)

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“Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle” I know what it is !!

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So, when were these popular?

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in the 60’s

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Oh, ok,thats why Ive never heard of um.

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Fizzies!!! I totally remember Fizzies! I traded a plastic saxaphone for one once…

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@loser, that made me laugh.

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@loser You got the better part of that deal.

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