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Do you guys think we will get back together in the near future?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) April 9th, 2010

Okay, well if you haven’t recognized answering my question a while back ( it turns out that my bf realized he had “too much on his plate” for a relationship right now which I totally understand and accept…
My question is well… do you think I still have a shot with him later on when he isn’t so “busy.” It will almost be summer break (thank God) and he won’t be so busy with football and school. I still like him and miss him like crazy. Right now we are just friends and I’m just giving him space due to his busy schedule.
His best friend says he really likes me and always talks about me and well, I can’t just move on. I really wanna wait for him.
Do you guys think I should? Or will he think I’m stupid for doing that? :( You think he’d wanna hook up with me again after he got all that stress off his back? I really hope so. Any advice is appreciated :)

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Maybe you’ll get over him during the time that he’s gone. I think, that if you really have that “feeling” in the pit of your stomach then you should go for it! But don’t lock your heart up from other opportunities, because other things will come across your path. My point being is, if you really feel you should, then wait for him. Wait for time. But don’t wait too long because you’ll be missing out on some great parts of life that are unnoticed when you’re looking for love.

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@mollypop51797 yeah I know what you’re saying. Thank you. But, right now i feel like I should wait for him. No guy makes me happier than him right now…
I’m just kind of sad, that’s all :/

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Move on. If you are still free when he decides he can deal with a relationship and you want to give him another chance (don’t think you are smart for doing so, but that is just me), then go for it. Just don’t be too shocked when you hear a few days from now he has a new girlfriend.

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Wait, no don’t wait, hummmm.

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Is that maybe his way of trying to tell you nicely that he doesn’t want to go with you?

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NO. I don’t think so. I know for sure he is busy with bulking up for football, driver’s ed, school and work…
But idk… fuck I just don’t know :/

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When a guy tells you that he has ‘too much on his plate’, nine out of ten it is his way of kindly getting rid of you. Don’t waste your time over this guy. Plenty of fish in the sea.

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I dated this girl when I was a senior in high school for about 3 months. It was fun and we liked each other, but we broke up and moved to separate states. We kept in touch here and there as friends and everything was fine. To make a long story short, we’re together again after 10 years and we’ve been in a relationship for 2. As cheesy as it may sound, I would just follow your heart. If you really feel like waiting, why not? It might be a good time for self growth, stay single, enjoy life, etc. And if the time comes where he is interested in dating you again, go for it! If not and you move on with your lives, keep in touch. You never know. :)

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dont wait…...too many things could happen. keep your options open. happiness comes from within.

Like above, if it’s meant to be, it will be.

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If you like him that much and it seems he is into you as well, then it may be best to wait. However, I can’t understand why he wouldn’t give up some other commitments to have the time for you if he was serious about you. Every relationship involves sacrifice, and if he isn’t prepared to make sacrifices for you I wonder how much he really wants things to work out.

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No matter what answer they’re giving you, it seems that the only thing you really want to hear is : yes, wait for him, everything is gonna work out the way you expect! Sorry, but, if he says he’s busy right now, transalation: you’re not as important as the rest of the stuff I’m doing. When you really like someone and that someone is very special for you, you can’t bear being apart from, even if it is for a brief time; that guy is setting his priorities and get it: you’re not.

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Keep yourself actively involved with friends and pursue your interests. In other words, live you life to the fullest and if he seeks you out, by all means see where that takes you. If your life leads you into a relationship with someone who has the time and interest in you, then good luck with that.

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No. When he’s ready to start a relationship again it’ll be with someone new.

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