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If you could bring back one object from your past what would it be? Why?

Asked by Dr_Lawrence (19656points) April 9th, 2010

I came across this question elsewhere but thought is was thought provoking. I thought others would agree that it was interesting.

Maybe it is something you had to sell or had to get rid of when you moved. Maybe it was something you valued years ago and have no idea where it is now.

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I lost a charm bracelet years ago at the river and I’d sell my left arm to get it back. All the charms were special and giving to me by special people some of who are no longer alive.

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My youth…

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This is a very hard question for me.

My entire life I’ve striven to not become attached to material possessions, because… well… if I can’t keep people I care about in my life, why worry about stuff?

The one material thing that holds sentimental value to me are my “Magic Keys”, which were an escape mechanism I used when I was a kid. I still have them, and carry them with me in my purse.

But assuming you want something I lost, misplaced, or gave away at some point… Hm…

I think… I think I would want my tae kwon do trophy – the one I won for being the best damned student in my age bracket. My daddy signed me up for TaeKwon Do after he saw how much I liked the movie “The Karate Kid”, and he (an ex-martial arts student himself) spent hours with me, helping me practice my forms and showing me things the class instructor didn’t have time to do. I remember him being so proud of me when I won that trophy… and that was something I never got to feel again.

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A necklace that was lost while out of town.

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The 1806 home I lived in when I was a child, with a fireplace in every room, and in the back yard a swing on chains hanging from a huge elm tree.

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I would bring back my parents. They were the best parents any kids would want. When we girls were in high school, they would arrange the bails of hay all around the hay barn, set up music and barbecue outside and a bid tub of ice with soda cooling. We would have a party with all of our friends. Our friends would always ask, are your parents going to be there? We would say of course, and they would say yeah, we’ll be there. Everybody loved them.
There is nothing material that I can think of that is that important to me. It is just stuff.

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All of the guitar picks that my father had given me each time I had seen him when I was younger. They’ve gotten lost in the chaos of life, I suppose.

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My red Tonka toy pick up truck,I loved that mother trucker.The jingle on the commercial was cool to.“Real tough toys for real tough boys,Tonka Tonka Tonka” Happy days.

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I had the coolest penny bank. It was a black box with a slot that you could put a penny in. The penny activated a lid to open and a hand came out, snatched the penny and went back in, closing the lid. I loved that thing.
Get it? Thing? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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There is one other thing I would bring back. It was a little cloth blue elephant, I use to drag around by his nose. Funny thing to remember, but I do. I have thought about my little elephant off and on for years. Wow, this Q has opened up my memory. Love it. Great Q.

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My diamond ring. It was the first thing I got myself with my own money that wasn’t because I needed it. I bought it for a few hundred dollars at a local jewelry store after I graduated high school as a gift to myself, and it fell off my hand and down a sewer in Madison the following spring. :(

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@gasman Oh my gosh, that’s it! Thank you!

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My decency & self respect.

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My sense of smell. If you could bottle that, you’d be much closer to the things you loved as a child.
Things I can’t smell anymore I’d bring back: the smell of freshly cut grass signaling spring; the smell of fish in the air at the ocean; the smell of night air coming in the screened bedroom windows;
I could even smell the fires dad would build in the fireplace And the smell of leaves burning in the yard. We were actually allowed to burn leaves in our yards in fall. I mean, our dads would do it. Then there would be a lot less to rake. And finally, the smell of my mom’s cooking when I was waking up . This was my favorite.

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But if you have to have a material OBJECT, it would the cz solitaire ring with plastic heart-shaped case a boy gave me in 7th grade. We were “together” for a week. I’d love to see that ring again.

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Well, the things would be people and animals which logic would tell you you would lose again.

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