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Has anyone tried out Learn then Play ?

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) April 10th, 2010

One day i was surfing the web and i came across a product called Learn then Play. It’s software designed to protect children while on the PC. I’ve downloaded the free version and have been testing it out and it’s pretty cool. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried it out ? If you have, have you found any bugs ? What do you like about it ? – Thanks

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I’ve heard of that. My friend’s parents have it for her very little sisters. From what I’ve seen of it it looks pretty good as I have always seen the internet as a major threat to little ones, as there is so much information available to them good and bad in just a few clicks.
I like how there are individual child user logins, so an older child may have access to sites like facebook and youtube, whereas a younger child may not, i.e. it can be ‘personalised’.
I had a look at it when I was at my friend’s house as her little sister was on the computer and I noticed this program active and asked about it.
Her parents can really easily see what she’s been on including messenger conversations and things.
It’s a really great program in my opinion, really vital against protecting children against everything from simply inappropriate media to god forbid pedophiles.
I can’t seem to see anything wrong with it, her sister uses it quite happily and doesn’t complain, though if she tries to access a restricted site this goes down as a ‘violation’ and her parents are notified and I think they allow her a certain amount of violations before restricting the sites she can access even more as a punishment.
I wish I had something like this growing up to be honest and would certainly buy it when I have children of my own.

I think her parents can also set the amount of time she can spend on the computer/internet and even on particular sites, which is excellent! Just the sort of thing kids these days need. You can have too much of a good thing, so it just prevents her from being glued to the screen all day.
And there was this ‘Homework time’ period thing they can set alongside the whole timing thing where they cut off access to ‘distractions’ on the computer like IMs, and music and things and it goes on this screen i think its called learning desktop or something.. She gets really whiney about homework but settles down when this comes up.

All in all, as I said her little sister doesn’t mind, works well with it, it is brilliantly designed.
Hope I was helpful :)

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@TheOnlyException Thanks you, your answer was very helpful. I think it’s actually free though, but there is a premium version.

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