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Why are the 'legendary' questions on fluther, so legendary?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) April 10th, 2010

I am fairly new here, been here a couple of weeks and love it.
But one thing, why are the ‘legendary’ questions of fluther so legendary?
these are the ones i’ve had thrown around
pancake orgasm lol
and cia

maybe someone of the old school flutherites know?

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It is hard to predict what is going to tickle your fancy…until it does. I was enraptured by both the cake (a weird but straightforward predicament) and the frizzer (written by someone whose English was apparently his third language) questions.

Pancake orgasms and Cia never amused me, but I am in the minority. And again, personally, I find that good jokes need an end. They should not blither on until the universe shrinks.

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There are a lot of questions on this site, and I know exactly which ones you are refering to when you listed the ones above. That I know them so well is evidence that they are more than just questions. They are examples of how fabulous this site is, and how the community interacts.

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Oh @gailcalled, I’m a firm believer in blithering!

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@janbb: You’d didn’t think I was able to deduce that?

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Removed by Fluther moderators.

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It’s a “had to be there” sort of thing I guess.

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@Captain_Fantasy Things like that usually are…

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What @filmfann and @Captain_Fantasy said. I disagree (for a change) with @gailcalled and maybe @filmfann will back me up on this: just like a good Seinfeld joke, some jokes can live on forever. They don’t have to have an expiration date.

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Farting on popcorn. What the fuck else do you want, man?

I’d add hot schoolgirls and girly looking wood cutting axes, too.

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Oh, but the proposal was epic! Wasn’t it? It was a great example of how community has been built here.

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@aprilsimnel: Great recall.

@Zen Again: Good. I don’t have to rethink my repertoire when you are in the audience.

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Thank you for asking this. It was a very enjoyable exploration. :-)

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@anartist: Click on Great Question in red to show @TheOnlyException your appreciation.

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@gailcalled thanks for reminder :-)

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@aprilsimnel thank you for the link to the proposal. I really do like fluther.

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@gailcalled You have a repertoire?

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@aprilsimnel oh wow that proposal one was so sweet! scrolled down til i found the answer hehe ;)


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I hope you read the others too. All fun. I’m new too and they were new to me.

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