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Xbox 360 or PS 3?

Asked by yoyoo29 (71points) April 10th, 2010

What to buy?

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PS3 but a M$ xbox is cheaper BUT you have to buy EVERYTHING to make it work , so it works out more expensive than a PS3 . The PS3 has better games and BLU-RAY drive it is the future of consoles EVERYONE else has to make one better .

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depends. If you’re going for mostly single-player but killer graphics, I’d say the ps3. But if you want an online multiplayer experience, go with an xbox 360. THe ps3 does have an online community, but it’s just not as big and advanced as xbox Live.

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PS 3. it can do everything a game console can do and it can do everything that a computer can do (i.e. play dvd, blu-ray, download, get online with games and to just surf the net, it can detect other computers in the same vicinity, so when i have music or a movie downloaded on my pc i can access it from the PS3 and play it without any hook up chords)

Those are just the things i use it for and im not even a nerd, think about all the crazy stuff nerds do on their PS3’s!

Most big gammers eventually buy both, but PS3 is all i need :)

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Health insurance
Bus fare

I can go on.

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PS3, providing you don’t have a blue ray player already. Even then it depends on you. What games do like to play? Go to a game store and look at the selection and make your determination.

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-free online
-blu ray
-great games

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In the words of the game critic, that is Chadwarden, one gets “get all the hunnys with the ps triple.”

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Let me list off all of the games that are Xbox only and I’ll let you decide.

Halo 3, Halo ODST, and very soon Halo Reach.
Gears of War I, II and soon III
Mass Effect I&II, and soon III
Left 4 Dead I&II
There are about 6734564785 games that I could list here that the 360 had first, but were then ported to the PS3. (We get the cool games first.)

Oh, and we get the MW2 maps a month early :p.
Oh, and our games are actually backwards compatible.

Yes, our online service costs a few bucks a month, but things that are nice, actually work, and are supported by the developers cost money in this world.

On the topic of “great games”, please tell me some great games for PS3 only besides Uncharted 2 and God of War. The 360 has every main game that the PS3 does, and quite a number of 360 only ones.

Yes the PS3 has Blu-ray, but I’m too busy playing games on my console to watch dvds.

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@ShiningToast GA!
Xbox Live isn’t free, but it’s more functional imo and only 4 dollars a month if you pay for a year.

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PS3…..Xbox has shitty controllers…

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@ShiningToast GA

I’m in favor of the 360 mostly for ShiningToast reasons. But in argument the best games the PS3 have are:

Uncharted 1&2
Killzone 1&2
Little Big planet

And you get a Blu-ray player which is worth the extra $100 just for that. However although free PSN is people hack in games where as Live they dont.

In terms of hardware the PS3 can manhandle the 360 but the 360 is getting project Natal. In terms of reliability the failure rate for the 360 may seem extremely high but my friends just RROD last night. He got it when the first came out as opposed to my other friend who bought a PS3 is on his second one after buying it a year ago. Another thing to note is more people have the 360 and are little kids who complain a lot about it generating more complaints then the broken PS3’s.

And @cheebdragon my friends PS3 controllers are all worn out as apposed to my other friend who’s controllers are still going strong even after using them about three times as much as my other friend.

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PS3. Which I wish we had. :(

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Ps3 by far… Incredible exclusive games and downloadable games.

Online might be greater on 360, but it’s made up of young kids.

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@Silence04 Please tell me about these “exclusive games”, besides Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, and Little Big Planet.

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monsters (worth the ps3 alone!),MLB the show, heavenly sword, shooter, metal gear 4, super rub a dub, mushroom wars, trine, Kung Fu plastic dolls, wipeout HD, infamous, siren blood curse… Just to name a few

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I haven’t heard of most of those, though that doesn’t make them not worth noting.

How many of those are actually full games, not just small downloadable ones? (I can count 3 for sure.)

Oh, and I have an expansive list of Xbox exclusive ones too, in case you want to know.

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@shiningtoast 5 of them are disc games, but I wouldn’t call the downloadable content small. Blood curse is downloadable as episodes as they come out, pretty intense.

The downloadable content is one thing that makes the ps3 so great, 360 really hasn’t been able to compare in that department yet…

I am well aware of the 360 games, few friends have them. I was going to get one too, but 3 of them have had rrod multiple times and I decided to go with a ps3. One of my friends is on his 7th 360…

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@Silence04 Oh yeah, because there isn’t anything good on Live. Including the Virtual Arcade.

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@bugabear ive seen all those games before there are a couple cool ones, but they still don’t compare to the ones on psn…

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@Silence04 Well the big question is, which ones are cheaper? I have no idea how much Live games cost. How much are PSN?

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@Bugabear Live games range from $5—$15.

For those keeping score, exclusive Xbox games worth playing: Beautiful Katamari, Crackdown and (soon) Crackdown 2, Dead Rising, Fable II and (soon) Fable III, Forza 2 and 3, Gears of War 1 and 2, Ninja Gaiden II, PGR 3 and 4, Too Human, Viva Pinata.

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@Silence04 We don’t have downloadable content? Last time I checked, we got the CoD MW2 maps first, the GTA IV downloadable content waaaaaaaaaaaay before PS3 did, and all of those Oblivion add-ons? We had those before Oblivion even got ported to the PS3. Don’t talk downloadable content here.

You can’t really say that those games make you want to buy a system. I don’t drop two grand on a gaming computer to play Bejeweled.

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You obviously haven’t played them…lol. I know 2 people that bought ps3s after seeing the downloadable games.

I’ve played many 360 downloadable games and there are only a couple note worthy one, like trials HD.

You should get a ps3 and see for yourself.

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@Silence04 Those people must have money to blow. How about you send me yours? Like I said, I don’t spend two grand on a computer to play Bejeweled.

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@Silence04 Unfortunately most people dont have $300 to drop on a console simply for DLC. Hell I dont even have a console. I just play on my friends. And most of PSN’s DLC is also for computer and is soon coming to Live.

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@Bugabear I don’t mean shitty quality, I mean they have a shitty button layout…

I know PS3 can connect to a PSP. Does xbox connect with anything?

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@cheebdragon I actually prefer the button layout for 360. But the PS3 does have accelerometers in it. And the Xbox can connect to Live which connects to Windows Mobile 7 when that comes out later this year.

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Xbox 360. Why? Loading times are shorter, Mass effect I and II, the controller is for larger handed gentlemen like myself, and it’s all in all a very good all rounder. Plus, it has what made the PS2 great: good third party support.

Meanwhile the PS3 has three main issues: the loading times are comparable to geological ages (Blu-ray was pretty much still a prototype when when it was launched, while the Xbox relies on the much more navigated and, thus, reliable DVD 9, which has, among other things, faster reading times.) Games made for the Xbox translate horribly to the PS3 because of this, too, because they’re designed with lots of loading “airlocks” which are bearable on an Xbox, but ludicrous on a PS3. Play Bayonetta on both if you don’t believe me.

Moving on: the Ps3’s main exclusives are mostly sequels to franchises that were extablished on earlier version of the PS. Silen hill (which isn’t even exclusive), Metal Gear 4, God of War 3, Resident evil 5 (not exclusive either), Yakuza 3 and so on.

While the Xbox has a very strong lineup of new franchises or simply standalone titles. Like Alan wake, The Mass Effect series (i know that 2 exists on ps3 but i seriously don’t give a shit about the sequel without the first episode. 99% of that game is playing the previous one again to see all the details that change in ME2) The gears of war series (which i don’t care for, but it’s objectively a good TPS) the Fable series (which is inexplicably loved by many but manages to make me pop a coronary every time i buy in its hype since the first game) and the crackdown series. In all fairness this isn’t really a weakness if you happen to have a Ps2, because then you probably have played the prequels to most of the games i mentioned.

And lastly, while the Xbox may not have many exclusive titles, it has lots of titles that are “microsoft exclusives”, meaning they’re still precluded to the PS3 even though they’re not only for the Xbox. So looking up the numbers can be a bit wonky on that.

I have bought an Xbox 360 after weighting the pros and cons. I’m no fan of microsoft or sony and i give credit where credit is due. The first Xbox was garbage, a very late attempt at jumping on a bandwagon that was already seeing the end of its journey without a telescope, while the gamecube, while being an impressive feat of compromise between miniaturization and hardware capabilities, had an incredibly poor third party support which lead to an incredibly small library of games and thus to a lot of wasted potential. The last generation’s crown jewel was without a doubt the PS2, with a gigantic library of very good games, some of which genre defining and still powerful franchises like the DMC series, Silent hill 2, God of war I and so on, and an incredibly good third party support which led to some of the gretest, if still somewhat rudimental on the PS2, innovations in the last ten years of gaming. Like the Guitar hero series.

This generation however the torch of extensive third party support and innovation has visibly changed hands, with the only remarkable innovative feature of the PS3 being blu-ray while the xbox can boast the kinect (a gimmicky toy for rich people, sure, but still innovative in its own right) and a plethora of interesting titles. Nintendo seems to have dropped out of the game, getting sidetracked in making toys and retro arcade games instead of full fledged videogames.

The optimal gaming choices for a gamer, to me, are: Xbox 360 (for most new releases), Nintendo DS (the best handheld, with some very good titles despite the lack in hardware capabilities) and a good PC (for FPS which i personally prefer using mouse and keyboard for) with a steam account (for all those indie games the PSN and XBLA like to boast about. They’re almost never actually exclusive,—Trine is on steam too, @Silence04—they run smooth on a mid-tier PC and cost next to nothing, expecially during the steam sales).

Take it from a guy who has been a gamer since he was three and never wanted to compromise.

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