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does the whole world do daylight savings, or just the US?

Asked by 65Stang (508points) March 9th, 2008
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They do it in France.. I was in a hotel and got a nasty call one morning because we hadn’t left the room yet. We had been traveling for over a month a didn’t know that it had happened. It took a while to figure out why we got kicked out early.

And some states don’t observe it in the United States. I think Hawaii and New Mexico don’t. Don’t quote me on that. That is from memory.

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They do it in the U.K also..the origin is farming I believe – BS’ers will convince u it has to do with schools!

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Arizona also doesn’t.

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most the world but not all of it
Hawaii for example doesn’t do it

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NM does. AZ and northern Indiana don’t.

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I live in Arizona and it’s nice not having to worry about changing the clocks. =)

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thats so weird.

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Here’s a map showing countries that use Daylight Savings Time
Blue means they do observe daylight savings time
Orange means they no longer observe it
Red means they never have observed it

As you can see, most of North America, almost all of Europe, much of Australia & NZ and more than half of South America have DST, amongst other places. Most of Africa and Asia don’t.

Remember though, that because Daylight Savings Time (or Summer Time) happens in the summer, the northern hemisphere has DST when the southern hemisphere doesn’t and vice versa.

I think it used to be pretty much lined up so that (Australia) end DST when the US start DST, but now they’ve changed it here, so we don’t end DST for a few more weeks (and I think the US might have changed it too so they start earlier too).

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Europe won’t change the clocks until the coming weekend.

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We do in Australia (well most of it anyway….they asked a lady in the street in Queensland, Australia if she did or didn’t want to go into daylight savings for TV, and she said she didn’t because her curtains would fade faster… a part of my brain died that day.) and it really makes a difference.

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