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Do dreams have meaning?

Asked by MayBear (556points) April 10th, 2010

are dreams really a wish your heart makes? are they just random images? are there secret meanings behind them? Just curious about how people view and interpret them.

I constantly have dreams about one person. there savings me or loving me but that one person is always in my dreams.

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They mean whatever you were thinking about.
Nothing more, nothing less.

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I already asked that question, you should check it out they gave me some pretty good answers!!!

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I attach a lot of significance to dreams as messages to myself—a window into the current state of my unconscious mind. By reflecting on dreams I often gain insights into anxieties, hopes, fears, and creative notions that haven’t come to the surface yet.

But I don’t think they can be taken literally, or not very often, and I truly don’t think others can do the interpreting for you, much less books of mystical symbols and images. Instead I think it’s a matter of gaining an understanding of your own dream language and learning to recognize your own internal patterns of imagery and symbol. My dreams, for instance, go in for puns.

One thing to remember is that everything in your dreams comes from you. All the characters are you. It is all you and not sent from somewhere else.

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Dreams do not have any more meaning than you already know. Most of these memories are stored in the unconscious though, but you they are still used – you just aren’t consciously aware. Hence why dreams may appear cryptic – because you don’t consciously use most of the information you are provided with in life.

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Dreams have meanings beyond what you make of them, but it’s probably mostly what you make of them. During REM sleep the mind goes through simulations of stressful events, I think. As a sort of preparation. Dreams can also be used by the brain to resolve stress that’s already been had. And surely, there is intuition involved. Meaning, there are things that you know in your dreams that you can’t learn or know at all outside of your dreams. Analyze your dreams, and allow yourself to be effected by them, but don’t base huge choices on them without the help of wakeful intelligence.

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Read Freud. Much there to learn about dreams.

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Well i have a small book that explains dreams(kinda a scroll). No its not a book you can buy in stores its written in Old Mongolian script, It was the book of our clan founder “Mandar” so its already over 150 years in our family but who knows how old the book it self is. It has some amazing things in it.
I am actually prepared to translate it. it’ll take me at least 6 months. or 3 months XD

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It comes from your subconscious. There’s nothing you dream about that wasn’t already existing upstairs.

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I find the dreams, or the objects in the dream that really make an impression have meaning and I go straight to my dream dictionary. But I’d be very carefull about taking it all too seriously because they are kind of in an unbreakable code, with contrary meaning and misleading symbols etc. It’s difficult to find out the true meaning, but I think it’s worth investigating because you might come accross a suggestion that rings true for you, that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. There are dream dictionaries free on the net, but you might want to try a few because they can differ. Just type in the dream symbol followed by dream definition.

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Just because your not reacting to the outside environment, does not mean new things aren’t being created “upstairs” while you dream.

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About a month ago my boyfriend broke up with me and for the week that we weren’t talking to each other i kept having dreams about him that things were normal. just over a week after he dumped me i went to his place to get the few things i had left there and we ended up talking for a little bit just about random things and he hugged me. said he missed me. and we got back together. things have been amazing since.

my point being that i do think dreams say something. whether its a wish your heart makes or just your more rational side telling you what you cant realize yourself. everyone told me that him and i would get back together, said to just be patient and talk things out. they were right. so were my dreams.

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I like to think / believe that dreams have deeper meaning than currently existing thoughts or just randomness. I think dreaming is a true chance for our minds to shine because they’re not consumed by the mundane, the daily ritual. Our minds our finally resting after a long day.

We only use 10% of our brains, but I think we use more when we’re dreaming. Life is more creative when dreaming and possibilities are limitless.

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Yes they do.

To you.

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@Captain_Fantasy i believe that to be true. so great answer to you.

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@Sarcasm Who knew!? I retract my previous statement about dreams. Dreams are dumb. :)

I feel cheated thinking the 10% rule. It’s so widely accepted; people don’t really question it.

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@silverfly It’s kind of like the “I before E except after C”. It’s incredibly popular but not really truthful.
In case anyone isn’t familiar, there are a LOT of exceptions to that rule.

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Dreams can be a lot of things. They can be a message from your subconcious, they could be a “wish from your heart” , they could just be a repeat of your days activities in a different aspect. Last night my girlfriend had a dream that she couldn’t move and that our friend was laughing at her. My outlook on this dream would be that she feels like she is struggling with addiction (we’re quitting cigarettes) but our friend is laughing in our faces ( he still smokes around us ).

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‘dreams are the questions to answers we have yet to ask’, fox mulder.

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