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Best way to get rid of our mattress?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) April 10th, 2010

We got a new mattress from Costco (who does not remove your old one). Now we have a mattress that needs to be hauled away. Are there charities in Seattle that will come get your mattress? We have no vehicle large enough to take it to the landfill. Suggestions?

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It may not be legal for a charity to accept it unless they have a protocol for rebuilding it. Check your local laws. You may have to pay someone to take it away.

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Does your community have a junk pick-up day? Ours has one day a quarter where you can put out things like broken furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc. and they will haul them away.

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Our town has designated curbside pick-up days for heavy items. If you can’t find a charity to take it, you might want to look into that. (As @PandoraBoxx just said too.)

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Put it out in front of the house with a sign on it advertising it “For Sale $50” ... someone will steal it.

Dog's avatar found a match for someone needing a bed when we had one to get rid of.

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Call up one of those mattress refurbishment places—they’ll take it away

I’m surprised Costco didn’t take it away—usually when they deliver, they remove

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Have a bonfire, get some marshmallows. lol

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sometimes hispanic stores (that sell matresses) would take them and if you’re lucky give you some money or a discount, cause they sell used matresses

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it’s frown upon btw

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Break out the chainsaw.

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Where I live, you just put it out by the street and the city picks it up. Call the Salvation Army or similar organization for a pick up. That’s how I usually get rid of unwanted furniture.

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Pay someone with a truck to haul it to the dump. We need to increase employment, and you can do your small part.

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In NYC you have to call and find out when mattresses are picked up.
I heard that many places have laws about used mattresses do to bed bugs.

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