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What's happening to your memory? Is there something your forget all the time?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) April 10th, 2010

I forget to water my plants. Sometimes they can go weeks without water. It’s amazing they haven’t all died. I guess I don’t go into their room much any more now that I’ve stopped watching TV. I wonder if the plants watch it for me. Never mind.

Anyway, more and more these days, I seem to be disorganized, and it’s because or my memory. What do you forget all the time? Keys? Wallet? Pat the dog? Mow the lawn? Do your homework? Clean the oven? What?

Why do you tend to forget this thing more than anything else you forget? Why do you think you forget these items more than others?

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I forget to put the laundry in the dryer

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I forget what I say to who I say it to. In doing this I find myself repeating stories/facts to people. It gets annoying! But yeah, I guess it was all the times I’ve smashed my dome on things lol

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I always forget to buy a card with the present. =/

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I know there is something….. i can’t seem to remember it right now though….

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I have always had an excellent memory and still do.

The only thing I notice is I am starting to forget where I park from time to time. lol

Otherwise I think the old mind is still rockin’ down the highway.

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My forgetfulness seems to be in direct relationship to the level of depression I’m experiencing. Maybe I’ll forget to breathe?

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I’ll just end up blind with a sharp mind. lol

My eyesight is really getting bad this last few years, must have the stupid cheater specs on hand at all times.

Driving is still just fine, long distance, crack myself up with how often I misread things.

Recently at the gas pumps there was a sign that I thought said…‘we have no feeling for the handicapped’ actually said ’ we have no FUELING for the handicapped.’ lolololol

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I’m forgetting how to spell which is really bizarre because I have always been a good speller.

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I keep forgetting what my intentions were two minutes ago…generally in the area of dieting

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I use to remember everything without writing it down.
When I rushed lately I forget why I went downstairs, upstairs or to the basement.
LOL I know I needed something but can’t recall what.
This only happens when I am stressed out. Which is too often.

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I am an indiscriminate and equal opportunity forgetter. There is no one particular thing. I am not sure if it is getting worse as I age, my head has always been full so sometimes concentration suffers.

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I once read something I thought was apropos concerning memory:

…you can’t “forget” what you don’t first think about.

In my case, that’s very true. Anything I truly want to remember I mindfully create some sort of “memory trigger” to remind me of whatever it is at the appropriate time.

Lots of times, though, my “inner guidance” reminds me to do something. I find that if I do whatever my “inner guidance” reminds me to do IMMEDIATELY, it’ll get done. If I put off doing the task after that reminder (“I’ll do it in a minute.”), I’ll usually receive a ”followup inner guidance reminder” at a very inconvenient time…like when I’m half way to work and returning home will make me late and not turning around is not an option.

In summary:

Pay attention ie think about what you do and what needs to be done. You’ll have no problem “forgetting” if you focus your attention.

Oh…almost forgot

…don’t shush or ignore your inner guidance.

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I frequently find myself in a room and wondering why(?)! Usually I figure it out but sometimes I forget why I was trying to remember something and off I go again.

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@faye I do that too! I go to look into a cupboard then stand there like an idiot for five minutes trying to remember what I was looking for!

Argh, I have terrible trouble with my short-term memory. I can tell you what I had for dinner on the 27th of July, 1992, but I have no idea what I did with my cup of tea two minutes ago. I’m notoriously bad at simply picking things up and putting them down again absentmindedly – I’m such a daydreamer!

My husband says he hears me say “I forgot to…” at least once everyday, and in truth some days I have more than one thing I forgot to do but I’m not about to provide fuel for his teasing. I never used to be like this, and it seems to have come about since I had a baby. I had hoped my brain would some day return to its normal state, but no luck so far.

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Err.., what was the question again?

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