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Am I pregnant?

Asked by 121108216 (35points) April 11th, 2010

Hello guys, I’m sorry to ask this question and I’m sorry if it bothers you all. But please answer. Anyways, so me and my boyfriend had sex on March 24 without a condom (I’m not on birth control), he just stuck it in maybe about 10 times (something like that) and he wasn’t even close to cumming. He also pees right after he cums and before we have sex. Just a couple days ago we had sex again, and then maybe an hour later I had a little pinkish spotting. Then it stopped, the next day I just had more darkish blood like brown. Its definitely not my period because I’m supposed to start it tomorrow. I just read online that sometimes you bleed after having sex when you’re “pregnant” Could I possibly be pregnant or do you know what this may mean? I don’t have any pregnancy symptoms. Please help, I think I’m just too scared,but I don’t know forsure. Please and thanks.(Btw, this isn’t our first time having sex, we’ve done it a lot before but we’ve always used condoms) Tell me about your experiences if you’ve been through this same situation or not. Thanks a lot guys, this means soo much :)

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Get a pregnancy test. It is possible you’re pregnant.
If you’re thinking “pulling out” is an effective contraceptive method, oh that’s sooo incorrect..

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If you had unprotected sex, which you did, you could be pregnant no matter how many times he stuck “it” in. Once is all it takes sometimes.

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Unprotected sex= possibility of pregnancy.
His peeing or sticking it in habits have nothing to do with anything.

You probably shouldn’t be having sex if you haven’t learned that.

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The newer pregnancy tests have improved greatly in the last decade or so.
If your period is a few days late you should obtain very acurate results.

Buy 2 and test twice about a week apart…..good luck cookie…if you are not pregnant I hope you will not take any chances in the future.

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i agree with captain fantasy and get a pregnancy test. you can pick one up probably at any and every pharmacy/supermarket. another option is looking for a planned parenhood, or a free clinic; they can probably help you out, answer all your questions, and make sure you get the right kind of protection. Im not sure how old you are but you can do this without your parents knowing if that would be a problem (which in most cases it is)

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You should not be having sex if you’re not using birth control unless you’re trying to get pregnant.

You need to be at least two weeks late to have a pregnancy test work.

Even with peeing before sex, there could be sperm left in the penis from the last ejaculation that would be picked up by pre-ejaculatory fluid that could lead to pregnancy.

Keep in mind that the biological intention of intercourse is to impregnate the female (you) and if your intention is NOT to get pregnant, your choices are to act responsibly and use birth control PROPERLY or not have sex. Otherwise, your body will being along with Mother Nature and do everything it can to get you pregnant. Wishful thinking does not prevent pregnancy.

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It is possible you are pregnant, but not likely from what you said.
However, you are playing with fire. Always use a condom if you don’t want to run the risk of pregnancy or STDs.
@Captain_Fantasy is correct. Take a pregnancy test.
You have a lot of good advice here. Please take it.

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Thanks guys! Keep the answers coming please :) Oh, just to mention that the last time we had sex, we did use a spermicidal condom. (Which was a couple of days ago) & That’s the day that I started having some spotting, then the next day it was a little heavier, but only lasted for like a minute.

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Please quit having unprotected sex. All of the above advice is true. You are taking great risks.

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Having sex with a condom several days after does not cancel out the outcome of unprotected sex.

You can also be pregnant and spot. Sometimes you get spotting with implantation.

“Fuck like rabbits” = “hutch full of little bunnies” I saw that on a bathroom wall

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Is this unhelpful and offensive answer day? If so I nominate the one above mine for first prize.

@121108216 there are many factors that can cause the kind of spotting you mentioned. Everything from a slight infection (be it UTI or a form of vaginosis) to jsut mechanical irritation from the actual intercourse. Get a pregnancy test… If it’s negative then go to your OB/GYN for a check-up.

No need to worry yet.

BTW there is no way to diagnose a problem online… a physical examination is a must.

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Listen to Dr_C; he plays a doctor in real life too. Go to a doctor. And use a condom.

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My fiance and I always have unprotected sex, of course he never comes in me and I’ve never gotten pregnant but that’s me and of course it also depends on which part of your month you’re on, there are certain days when you are more fertil than another.

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[mod says:] No attacks, thank you. And please stay on topic. Further off topic quips will be removed.

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@Ludy I ended my period like the 19th of March, somewhere around there. How do you know when you’re “more” fertil?

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I think is in the middle, days 8 to 14 counting from the first day of your last period, how old are you anyway?

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You are not going to find out if you are pregnant or not on a forum. If you are old enough to have sex you should be smart enough to know you take a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant. All you will get here is people stating the obvious or take shots to make you feel dumb for even asking. Put your smart pants on and keep them on so you don’t find yourself needing to find out personal things like this on a forum!

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You’re young aren’t ya? Advice from a teen mother: DONT HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX point blank.

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Well, I think it is more likely you have an STD. When you are infected the cervix can get irritated and bleed when you have sex. Sometimes women do bleed a little when the embryo implants, which would be 2 to 4 days after you had sex. The day you have sex you would not bleed if you “got pregnant.”

If you had sex March 24th and you are supposed to get your period tomorrow, and you tend to be regular it seems almost impossible you are pregnant. Your day to get pregnant was March 29th most likely, BUT sperm can live for a few days so you never know. If you don’t get your period tomorrow get a test. If you have any more unusual bleeding, change in your discharge, or any pelvic pain, you MUST go to the doctor.

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If you are not pregnant, you are lucky, and have learned an important lesson (see all comments above): you can get pregnant without protection. Unless you want to get pregnant, don’t have sex—ever—without using protection.

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IN response to some of the other posts on this thread. Yes you might have an STD due to the fact that you have had unprotected sex… but not all genital infections are of a sexually transmitted nature. There are many infections (some opportunistic) that can arise due to the normal vaginal flora usually related to a change in pH which alters the regular environment which will usually keep them in check.

So just remember… not all infections are STD’s.

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Every once in a while I bleed a little bit after sex. I’ve never been pregnant. Though the brown blood the day after is something else…it could just be spotting though. Just take a test. It’ll either eliminate all your worries or tell you what you need to know to solve the problem sooner.

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Are you even legally allowed to have sex?

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@Ludy Do you know what most women or girls who rely on the rhythm method are called?


It is like Russian roulette, the more often you play, the more certain you will lose!

@121108216 Please see a doctor without delay!

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@thriftymaid aw, you’re so sweet for asking. I’m fine. I’ve just been super addicted to fluther chat

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So, did you get your period?

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No I did not get my period, but it will come soon hopefully. If not then I’ll take a pregnancy test & I definitely will tell you guys the results :)

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Hellllo guys! I took a pregnancy test today & I am not pregnant :)

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Well I know I’ll sleep better tonight.

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Wait, but you still did not get your period? Aren’t you late? If you don’t get it in a few more days take another test.

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No I didn’t get my period yet, but soon I hope. I mean the pregnancy test said that I can test as early as 5 days before my expected period & I was supposed to start on the 12th, but I will take another test to make sure. @JLeslie

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