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Why do babies throw up so much?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7976points) April 11th, 2010

My biology teacher has a baby that is about… six months old, give or take a few weeks. She often spits up, and I was wondering why babies do this a lot.

Any ideas?

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Typically babies spit up for one of 3 reasons:

* An under-developed esophageal valve that doesn’t function as it should when pressure is placed on the tummy or the baby is in a flat-lying position

* A reaction to something in the diet

* Foremilk/hindmilk imbalance if the mother is breastfeeding (easily remedied)


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Their little organs are still immature and eveything is very small and close together, so if one thing is irritated inside it effects other parts of the system. Poor babies.

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Agree with @MissAnthrope & @JLeslie, Plus sometimes they may be overfed or the meal may be too heavy, or they aren’t properly burbed. Some people even strap on the babies diaper in a waist vise grip.

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because they are gross.

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Sometimes babies are giggled around too much after they drink milk, and that could make them spit up. Also, their bodies may be reacting to something they can’t easily absorb—often babies at six months start being fed baby food and there may be something that doesn’t agree with them. If it is really a constant problem for the baby, the baby’s mother will probably want to check with her pediatrician.

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they can’t hold their liquor for shit

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If they actually throw up a lot that’s a problem that needs the doctor’s attention, especially if it is a boy under four months. Projectile vomiting is different from “spitting up.” Sometimes babies have a reflux problem due to underdevelopment of the digestive system. These days they are giving babies Zantac for that.

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@Blondesjon I said the same damn thing and the moderators didn’t find it very funny.

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@Anon_Jihad They want you to wait for a few legit responses before funny responses come in. Don’t take it personally.

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@Sarcasm Oh I know the protocol, I thought it was a serious answer.

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